Tuesday, January 06, 2009

There was cake n' stuff

Saturday was a pretty darned good day.

There were snacks
And flowers
And friends and family
And a minister
And a bride and groom

There was the mention of death's bony finger, words of love, an exchange of rings, and a kiss. No, TWO kisses. BONUS!

There were pictures, and smiles. There were hugs and well wishes. There were beers and chili and lasagna. There were laughs and jokes, a photo-ashtray (you had to be there), and cake with toys on top. There were lots of good times, and many wonderful memories made.

More on alla dat over here. Go read his account (including naming names and expressing gratitude), then come back and look at the pretty pictures below...

Biff, my dear dear man, thank you for being my friend, for sharing this new life, for being a beam of laughter, an exuberant partner, for saying 'yes.' I do so love you, and look forward to walking along whatever path is laid in front of us.

(OK, the West Virginia Surf Report flyer? That's a story for a whole other day...)

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