Thursday, January 08, 2009

Answers, answers, 5 cents a dozen.

So, the questions. Many, many questions for y'all, dear commenters. So very many that they will be answered in a cuple-few posts, which is kind of nice for me because it’s insta-blogfodder, but maybe not so good for you because I know you’re hungry for information all things Tiff; however, te receipt of too much detail about me and my fabulous life might make your head go boom with jealousy and I will not be party to envy-induced unintentional suicide, so THERE. I save you from yourselves! I rule!

Right then.

Let’s begin with a few soft lobs from my buddy Kenju, who was party to the nuptual shenanigans (no, not THAT kind, Ron!) this weekend and is STILL curious as to some of the items surrounding my newly hitched state. So, lemme see if I can bat the answers out of the park (closing the loop on my first metaphor of the day, yay!); here goes:

1. How's married life now? I didn’t think getting married would change anything, but it did in that I now have to say ‘husband’ (instead of 'cootchie-snookums,' his unofficial former title), there’s this official-looking document legalizing our relationship in the eyes of our local government, and there's a ring on 'that' finger that I keep messing with. Aside from those few things, life proceeds apace, with the same enjoyment and challenges as there were a week ago, only this time with more 'lifetime commitment' sprinkled on.

2. What's next in the renovation schedule for the Tiny House? A new kitchen! Woo-hoo! This project has already been started, what with the destruction of an odd brick wall that was built over toppa the old fireplace/chimney, and the laying on of firring and drywall. Note: I am not doing this work. This is what having a pro around the house will do, you know. After the drywall is done and painted, some custom cabinetry will be installed as well as a new desk area. The drawings for this bit still need to be done, then the purchasing of the materials, then the most wonderful smell of freshly cut wood will permeate the Tiny House as the ‘office space’ is created. Mmmm, fresh paint and freshly-cut wood – nummy num num.

3. What did the Things think of the wedding? You know what? I didn’t ask them. How odd.

Of course not all questions are easy home runs like Kenju’s, because some of you are Ron.

1. Do you know any single nymphomaniacs in the Columbus area? Only Queen Isabella, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t single.

2. What are their phone numbers? She lived in the 1400s, dude. No phones, though ardent entreaties written with quill and ink on parchment would have been appropriate.

3. What is your favorite color? Without subjecting y’all to YET ANOTHER MONTY PYTHON reference (me being generous again), I shall say blue. You would never know this if you were to visit the Tiny House, because it’s all done in shades of tan and brown and some bricky-red, and just a splash of a rather icky lime green in the bathroom (for which I did not choose the paint and, if I had, would not have chosen THAT paint for it is unmatchable by any other shade of any other color, EVER). Oh wait –I stand corrected, happy day! because the ENTIRE HOUSE on the outside is a vibrant shade of blue, and with its pale yellow trim is festive to da max. Yay blue!

Then to end this day’s installments of “Your Questions Answered Here” we arrive at dbgrin’s head-scratchers:

1. If you could be a professional athlete, what would be your sport/ position, and howcome? This one is actually rather easy – I’d be a tennis player. I’m no good at all at team sports, preferring to hog all the attention for myself, and have you seen tennis players LEGS? Gorgeous, even the men. Plus which, there’s not so much smashing into one another like in football, there’s not so much getting boxed into a corner like b-ball, there’s not so much waiting around like in baseball, and there’s no such thing as a professional swimmer, is there?

2. If you could replace any movie star in their roles, past or present, whom and whym? Ooooh, good one dude. If we’re talking about replacing any ONE actor for all their roles, I’d go with Yvonne De Carlo. Bet you weren’t expecting THAT one, eh? Take a look at her resume - a solid working actress, so fantasically stunning, who got to swan around in Lily Munster's fabulous dress? Yes, yes, and yes, please.

Daggone - this took a long time to pull together. The THINKING makes my cranium ache. Is it cocktail time yet?

More tomorrow, you can be sure, because tomorrow may indeed be the day when I choose to answer Farrago's question....

Have a lovely afternoon, my friends.

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