Saturday, February 20, 2021

Moving (to another room) and how it's all going

 We decided, it seems, that 2021 is the year we Do All The Big Things, such as

  • Tear out every tree in the backyard to prepare for
  • The garage we are planning to build while also
  • Renovating and then putting an addition on the back/'master' bedroom for an expanded closet and second bathroom, which meant that
  • We had to move out of our bedroom and into the front bedroom (which had been renovated a couple of years ago).

ALSO, it seems we are replacing our 2010 Grand Caravan.  Carl's been a good vehicle, but we no longer require seating for long-legged young men or a towing-capable vehicle, because 1) the young men now drive their own cars and aren't going to be back-seating it with us anymore unless something changes, and 2) The work van is way better at towing the trailers than Carl could ever be capable of.  So if anyone wants a slightly used but really great van that only needs a couple thousand smackers to get in perfect working order (he still drives fine, but is a little leaky), then I can cut you a deal.  Admittedly, the Stow-n-Go seating will be missed.

Back to the moving part now.

First and foremost, in our old room, we are able to cram an awful LOT of crap into a 15x15 space (with additional not-huge closet).  Clothing, shoes, office equipment, furniture? Yep, all of it. So MUCH stuff went to the ReStore or to the Rescue Mission Thrift store or to Goodwill (anything the other 2 wouldn't take).  Vanloads of stuff we probably won't miss or didn't even know why we had it in the first place.    It felt wonderful, to be honest.  So much stuff that I really hope someone else can use and that we didn't want/need anymore.

Seriously, when did I think I would ever wear a DRESS again?

Even with all the purging though, we still needed a place to put what remained as deemed necessary, because the front room has a 'guest-sized' closet and that just wasn't going to be enough for teeshirts and grots , etcetera, that we need to live life without having to dive into a storage tub in the shed.

So, we purchased an inexpensive dresser/chest of drawers set from the surplus furniture store and plugged them into the space along with our bed and a couple of side tables and my desk/office setup and a 2-drawer file cabinet and a bookshelf (WHEW!!) and whaddaya know?  It all fits somehow and doesn't feel cramped. The room too is 15x15  (all 4 rooms in our house are, except the bathroom and laundry, which are of course much smaller) so it's a pretty good size.  Even so, the armoire was sold, and the big metal cabinet that held random stuff like camping gear and who knows what all didn't make the move.  We also don't have our bed on what used to be the kitty-cornered wall, which opened up a ton of floor space.  

Our old room is in the 'reconstruction' phase now, which is good. However, I'm in no rush to move back until the addition is done, seeing what a nice cozy nest is available for us at the front of the house.

We are rich indeed.

Tiff out.

Bed used to go between those 2 sconces
Now loveseat will go here in the new reading nook. Wernstrom approves.

That brown line is where the ceiling height used to be.  Note  the original walls are beadboard.
This window is going to be the entrance to the addition - full doorway with transom above for light. There will be a window to the left of the doorway for light and egress. Fancy ceiling alert!