Friday, August 28, 2015

Home for the weekend

Fetch me my tricorn hat!  I need a meal!
I picked up Thing 2 from school today; he's been at UNC for two weeks and needed a laundry trip home.  Naturally, as mentioned, I said yes to this request, as I actually miss the kid. Who'd-a thunk it?

He entertained me nearly the whole ride with a recitation of what he's been up to for those 2 weeks, aided by the journal he's been keeping of his daily activities.  Wonder where he got THAT from? (my Mom, I think.  Seriously.  She writes down a short encapsulation of what goes on day to day on a desktop calendar.  It's a good idea.)  The school handed out some pocket-sized notebooks and it appears that they are just the right size for noting 'things' in during the day and through the night.  So, he read through the book, adding bits and pieces throughout his narrative, until we reached today.

The LONGEST part?

Describing everything you can get to eat in the cafeteria.  Holy  moly!  I thought that my college eating experience was good (and it was! Thanks JMU!), but his is yards and yards better.  SO glad we got the super-sized swiper plan so that I can go try this whole thing out sometime.  Because, hey, when your kid tells you he's eating stuffed flounder of roast beef and mashed potatoes, you KNOW he's eating better than you most times.

Also, there's something about a double-chocolate macademia nut cookie that I hear is to die for.


I also like that he took himself for a walk to the Arboreturm, 'just for something to do,'
 and was enthusiastic about it.  That's my boy.


 I think it's going to all work out, friends.  I really think it will.

Tiff out.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Well howdy!

I have not posted anything in almost 2 months?   What the heck is going on?  It's not like I've been:

  • Travelling the world (the farthest I've gone is Virginia.  No wait!  Michigan!)
  • Being all tied up inventing something the whole entire world needs (but I did finalize an SOP)
  • Learning a new skill (though does 'renting cars' count?)
  • Holed up writing the next great American novel (not even YA stuff)
  • Reinvigorating my health with vigorous daily exercise (and why is it spelled that way, 'exercise'?  It should be exersize, right?)

My life has been kind of boring, if you want to know the truth.  I gave up on both the vegetable and flower gardens, even.  I think the only thing I've been doing a real good job on lately is spending money.  Like, to the point that I'm having to move it out of savings (ouch) to pay for the stuff that needs buying.  I suppose when one is purchasing a good deal of items not on the budget (plane tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars, new brakes, anyone?), when one doesn't use credit cards the ol' bank account will be taking a hit.  But hey, tomorrow comes with a paycheck, so that's a silver lining.  AND, all that travel stuff was for a good cause, because it's not every day that a family member gets married AND decides to spend the first week of their honeymoon in little old Raleigh, NC.  It was nice having Biff's daughter and her new husband around for the week - we just don't get to see them all that much (Michigan is kind of far away.  I just looked at the map to confirm).

Dang, the last time I posted we hadn't even gone to Lake Week yet, and now it seems so far away.  Side note regarding the top news of yesterday: I was shocked at the senseless murders of a TV reported and her cameraman by a disgruntled former colleague, even MORE shocked to find out that it happened right at the Lake.  The same lake my family has been gong to for vacation for over 30 years!!  Bridgewater Plaza is as familiar to us as anything, and next year when we are there something will have changed about it, because murder in broad daylight is so horribly sad and such a waste of life that something will, in some way, have necessarily to be different.  It's terrible and wrong and disappointing that those two were killed by someone who subsequently took the coward's way out and shot himself.  Why didn't he just shoot himself first and let those two young people live?  Why did that selfish waste of skin feel like killing someone is just recompense for the slights it seems that he imagined she flung at him?  What kind of lunatic believe that murder is justifies because someone (perhaps) called you a bad word?  Right, a LUNATIC.  Way to ruin their lives, their families lives, and my vacation, you dickhead.

Changing topic now.

Thing 2 has been away at college now for nearly 2 weeks.  He has asked to come home for the weekend tomorrow, which I am happy to have him do.  At first I was going to stand firm that he should hang out there for at least a month, but as soon as he asked to come home I was all like 'ABSOLUTELY!!!' and so I will be picking him up tomorrow at 4:45 and try to not suffocate him with that first hug.  He's in near-constant contact with his brother, but does he call his mother?  Well, yes.  He does.  He also sent his brother a picture of 'The Pit' outside the student union last Saturday, and apparently everyone left campus because what is normally a very bustling area on campus was EMPTY (see picture above of what it looked like on move-in day this year).  Like, nobody there.  Can it be true that kids want to go home after their first WEEK in school?  Seems way too soon to me.  Of course my experience was different, because of Ye Olde Marschiernekapelle, which started a week before school did and kept us occupied many weekends.  I guess everyone needs to find their own way.

I'll leave it there, so as to retain some kind of material for the next time I feel like posting.  Until then, please keep us in your thoughts because we are likely going to be hosting Tiffowe'en this year and that's always a ton of planning and preparation.

Tiff out.