Monday, January 05, 2009

Click the Pig

A couple of years ago I challenged Biff Spiffy to a weight loss challenge, and thus the Shrinking Piggies were born. For 6 months of '07 I sweated in the gym 5 days a week in a determination to beat him at this thing and get comfortable in my own skin again. I lost 25 pounds. AWESOME!


The weight wouldn't stay off just by thinking about it. Eighteen months after stopping my weight loss efforts (and how foolish of me!), all those pounds save 3 have crept back on. There is a smooshy stomach hanging off the front-a me, a lardass following behind me, and an extra chin waggling' off my neck that ruined almost all the nice wedding pictures from this weekend. Funny how everyone ELSE in those photos looked just like they do in real life, and yet I do not....


And so, this is why I'm joining up with Shrinking Piggies again, starting today. There are at least 25 extra pounds weighing me down, brought about by a year of being happy, being lazy, being uninspired, and being a glutton. If I'm honest, there are 25 more to lose after that to get to a place at which I might be happy with any photos taken of me (or at least look like the person I see myself as...), but one huge chunk of blubber at a time, like the Eskimos say.

Several of you have said you'd like to join up, and so today have received a message from Biff, who is King of This Particular Episode. If others want to join up, go to the Piggies blogsite and leave a comment, and not only will you be added to the roster of super-cool people who are ready to lighten up a little, but will be given the added perq of getting to be an AUTHOR on the blog which is a pretty daggone huge carrot to dangle, don't you think?

The rules of participation are pretty simple:

1) Weigh on the same day once a week, and send that number via email to the address that will be provided to you.
2) Write out your plan to reach your goal - include eating and exercise changes
3) Post about your experience whenever you feel like it, no limit

Come on, I know we missed the "PROFIT" step, but you have to admit that losing some weight (if you need to) is profit enough. Me, I'm looking at not having to buy all new workclothes to fit my fat butt as profit enough.


It was a wonderful weekend, all around, BTW. More about that later though. Still sifting through the pictures!

Have a wonderful rest o' the day, y'all.

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