Friday, January 02, 2009

Hey, baby New Year!

Why hello, nice to see you, baby New Year. You're looking mighty fine, with your pinkly little cheeks and your curly-head of flossy hair. You're a mighty FINE Baby New Year, yes you are. So much promise, so much potential, so much unknown. Who will you be in a year, when we boot you out the door as the decrepit OLD year, and how much living will you have done in that brief space of time?

Nobody knows, and ain't that just grand? I think so, you cute lil' muzzable wunkums.

My very own personal 2009 started with a bang, at exactly 12:27 a.m., which is when I woke up from my late-night nap on the couch. Um, yeah, it's nothing but nonstop action and wee-hours partying here at the Tiny House. Not.

Missed the ball drop, didn't test my noisemaker, totally spaced on viewing the horror that I understand is Dick Clark. What a disappointment. And THEN, I totally spaced out the ROSE PARADE yesterday, which is a long-standing addiction and therefore possibly tradition. Missed it. Completely. What the heck kind of New Year IS this, anyway? When the morning is spent cleaning and the afternoon spent running around, eating out, doing errands, and decorating a cake? It's one weird way to spend the first day of the year, that's what. All that valuable football-watching and beer-drinking time taken up with doing PRODUCTIVE things...yeesh.

All for a good reason though. You can't have out-of-town guests without a little prep work. Yes, there's another party in the works here, and THIS time we're not leaving the prep work until the Very Last Minute. The Last Two Minutes, perhaps, but that leaves one to spare, which is about 30 seconds more than I normally allow, if I can stretch the anaology to its utmost breaking point, which I think I might have just done.

Today then finds the inhabitants of the Tiny House doing exciting things like: going to Sam's Club (because it's not a holiday unless someone BUYS something), cleaning the bathroom, deconstructing the Chritsmasiness of the house (but not until my Mom gets here this afternoon. That woman loves her some Christmas trees, and so she shall see ours, THEN help take it down), and generally dusting off the powdery aftermath of the last two weeks of 2008. It's time to start all over again with a fresh New Year.

On with you then, baby 2009. Let's see what you can do.

Y'all have a good one, mmkay?

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