Friday, January 09, 2009

Rounding out a dozen, with more to come

I was going to post one of my two Wordsmiths stories today, but they're not done yet. I keep finding stupid little things (read: great big gaps in storyline) in each, and one of them keeps turning out all wrong, so I'm not posting them yet.

Thank goodness for YOU then, dear internetly friends, for there are yet questions to answer, your hunger for insight into Tiff to sate, my ego to stroke, oh yes. My ego likes the stroking, does yours?


Tracy Lynn saith thusly: I'm not great at this, but what is one thing that you think is totally overrated and yet everyone else loves? Whole wheat pasta. "Lost." iPhones. Most mega-blogs (though I'm loving Crazy Aunt Purl lately because she turned off her comments. I guess a few HUNDRED a day on a catblog post got to be a touch too much?). Texting. The Jonas Brothers. Morning News Shows. Cherry-flavored Hershey's Kisses. I could go on....but that would just serve to further highlight how out-of-step I am with the general populace, which you already know, so hey redundancy! Get off my lawn!

Mojo wants to know: And about that nymphomaniac question Ron asked... know any closer to home? And ibid on the rest of that line of questioning...
(And no, the crazy neighbor with the porn couch doesn't count 'cause I heard she's relocated to somewhere that's else now).

Ah, but Mojo, she has not. Saw her last night AAMOF, right across the street. She showed us her mug shot (she photographs better than she looks, the bitch), explained her entire current life circumstances, and was crawling all over some poor sweet young boy brought in from across that tracks to satiate her burnin' loins. That guy had NO CHANCE, I'm telling you! He looked like a paralyzed deer in from of a fleet of semis, his future certain to be a heady mix of fear and white-hot passion. I could give her your number if you want, but I'd suggest you purchase a couple of steel-belted condoms before considering any shenanigans. Apparently she's got her a powerful man-hunger.

Evil Twin's Wife, the charmer of the interwebz, has two questions for lil 'ol Tiff, and they are as follows:

Q: How many years have you been a Northern transplant to the South, and do you like it?

Considering that I spent the years between 11 and 29 south of the Mason-Dixon line, I really do think of myself as more a Southerner than much else. The 15 years I spent in CT were wonderful, and of course my childhood in NY was perfectly dreamlike, but they weren't the 'formative' years. Anyhow. It's been almost 4 years since I moved back south, and I love love love it. The weather is great (though I'm not all about fleas and ticks, blast their chitinous husks), the people are generally polite (I adore being called 'honey' by strangers), and the smell of pine forests in the heat of a summer afternoon is something I would have PAID for when up north.

Q. What is your dream vacation or have you already been on it?

Because I'm guessing that saying 'the rest of my life off work' won't qualify as a dream vacation (though certainly it is most dreamlike), I'd have to say that anything OVER a week in a warm place with plenty of friends, family, and booze would do it. It's been a very long time indeed since I spent more than a week away from work and other obligations; and a week ain't really cuttin' it anymore now that I'm a responsible adult and have to do things like 'plan the trip' and 'pack' and stuff. The quick weekend trip to Florida last November could have been so much more enjoyable with about 8 more days of vacation tacked on. I like lazy vacations - no running around having to sightsee or visit people or whatever, no agenda, nothing more than a comfy place to plop our stuff before heading down to some body of water or another to do....whatever we want. Yeah, that sounds niiiiiice.


There are more answers to come, but not now. Now I shall tell you that the Shrinking Piggies are HOPPING with activity. Four posts yesterday alone! Why, in those four posts I'm sure you can find something suitable for framing, or at the very least appropriate to apply to your life, should you be interested in dropping a little extra 'you' in aught nine. Plus which, there are commandments, of the type one might actually be able to follow on a daily basis. Now who wouldn't like that, I ask?


Lastly, y'all be sure to have a good day. Come back this weekend, because there might be some fictiony chit all up around in here.

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