Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Anger, query request, fatti-mcfatfat, and lots and lots of parentheses.

Ya know what ticks me off? People who work in cubicles who have not yet learned how to MUTE THEIR PHONE when they’re on a meeting.

Damn. I can hear the meeting I’m currently on while using the headset resonating from a cube 2 doors down, and I think the inside of my brain is having rebound seizures.

Of course, this is the same guy who listens to his native land’s music at an earsplitting volume on his HEADPHONES, meaning that we can also hear his music (which is not, BTW, in our native land’s tonal system. At ALL), which is a total PITA because it’s obvious that he KNOWS how to use headphones but has not yet expanded that understanding of modern technology to stupid teleconferences.

So now, here I am, 2 cubes down, just monitoring the meeting, and being forced to monitor it TWICE, once on delay. This grates my cheese, chaps my ass, grinds my nuts (if, indeed, I had any, which I do, to the best of my knowledge, not have). And yet, do I just TELL him to mute his phone or use his headphones? No, I do not, because I like having something to bitch about. Makes me feel superior to that addled dumbass, and I do so love feeling superior.


Tracy Lynn is doing a terrific job lately of answering random questions from her commenters (note: not readers, because if you’re lurking and don’t speak up, you can’t be heard. A fine distinction, but semantically important to my way of thinking). Just the initial offering of opening the floor to questions garnered 14 comments, which I thought was a darned impressive counts, so I am following suit and throwing open the doors in the comment section to any questions y’all might have for me!

As if I haven’t talked about almost everything in my life here already, but hey…there might be something you’re curious about.


Also – Somehow, I’ve already lost 2 pounds. In 2 days. If this keeps up, I’ll be at my Shrinking Piggies total goal by the end of the month!

Yeah, I’m not believing it either. Just let me have this moment.

Between the 2 pounds and my newfound love of da Spanx, I’m feeling pretty good these days. That’s the first lil’ baby step on the path to regained skinny. Can’t wait until I 1) don’t’ need the Spanx for my clothes to fit properly, 2) lose the sweet-potato upper arms that are so garishly displayed in the ol’ wedding photos, and 3) have to buy new, smaller clothes for work n’ play. I’m sick of all my old clothes, but damn I ain’t gonna buy a whole new set in the size I am now. A nice rack of size 14s or 12s would go down so much easier….


Y’all have a wonderful day, mmkay? And don’t forget about those questions.

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