Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Mind like Dopey. Also like Baby Huey. Remember him? Hardly a thought in his head...nice empty space for living on.

I need the empty head.

Tonight is a night to forget that I have responsibilities, and just go watch Looney Tunes for about three half-hours, or until my toes uncurl. We're partway there with the smell of roasting chicken and 'taters in the oven, the sound of kids playing nicely in their room, the practicing of a bass guitar in prep for gigs this weekend over in the bedroom, and the tippy-typing of fingers on a keyboard making nothing more serious from their efforts than a short post about how nice it is to tune right he fuck OUT sometimes, letting the pressure of whatever it is that bugged you during daylight hours fade to black.

Tomorrow insists on being another day. I don't know - I could take a few more 'tonights' as insurance against what I know will be my 'tomorrow.'

I'm just saying, is all.

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