Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiffitness, anyone?

The racquetball, she is kicking my butt.

And my arms. And, from time to time, my back.

Getting smashed in the knees by hurtling rubber balls doesn’t help either.

I love it.


Played Frisbee for the first time in ages yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day, just begging for something to be done out in it, and so the flying disc was hauled out to a local park and I, once again, proved that grace and speed are not my fortes. Neither, of course, is THROWING the disc, but I did learn how to throw overhand, which is really cool, and so that’s something.

Plus which, at this local park there’s a DOG PARK, and watching doggies run around enjoying the heck out of their freedom can’t help but make a person feel good.

(the woman below is not me...just so you know. I'm a redhead)

Also on the fitness front, a new exercise ball has been purchased for use at the Tiny House. The exer-ball is a torture device, as you all well know, but somehow it’s a torture device that’s fun to use and a challenge to conquer.

A few years ago I was a true devotee of the exer-ball and all the wonderful things it can do. Strength, balance, cardio work are all possible, and kind of fun, once you get over the humiliation of being out of shape and not very physically talented. Sit-ups are HARD, y’all, and made harder still the closer together your ankles get to one another. There’s this quadriceps exercise that will make grown men weak with exertion that is made almost impossible to perform if it’s done with one leg only.

Therefore, I plan to work up to the one-legged quad thang, and hope that the butt-saggage that’s occurring to my hind end will be abrogated somewhat through my efforts. It would be cool to be 45 and have a great ass, don’t you think? Might make me forget about the distressing southward movement of the D-sisters, who are increasingly sulky and downcast.

Also, what’s not to like about a piece of exercise equipment that you can BOUNCE on? Nothing, I say, nothing at all.


Yes, recapturing physical fitness is once again on my to-do list for ’08. Last year I had a goal to lose 35 pounds. I got close to that through the addition of daily doses of exercise. I didn’t change the way I ate, I didn’t diet or starve or pop pills or take supplements or anything else but get my fat butt out of the office chair and into some sweat pants (The natural extension that of course is to SWEAT in the sweat pants. It doesn't work if you just sit around in them. Believe me, I've tried).

Losing that weight felt great, but I didn’t sustain it, and now am facing the same battle all over again. I know I’m no good at diet restrictions, so my only option is to BURN the fat off through self-torture.

Fortunately for me, I’m very good at competing with myself, so this ought to be a fun year. There will be no ‘before and after” pictures though. I’m simply not ready for the world to see just how curvy I am right now. The horror of it would force me into far too much self-knowledge, and I’m a firm believer that ignorance CAN be bliss. I’ll let my wardrobe speak to any change that might occur.

Can’t wait for those jeans to get loose again.


It’s going to be a busy busy week around these parts. Much to do at work (actually, a little TOO much to do), and so my nose is meeting the grindstone once again. If I can churn out all the stuff I’m supposed to by the end of this week, I will have been far more productive in these last few weeks than I think I have been since I left the lab.

Like I said, it’s a good thing I’m good at competing with myself. Let’s see if I can beat this workload into submission AND keep up with the fitness stuff. If I can do that, then, my friends, I think I can do just about anything.


Question for you: How big a lottery jackpot would it take for you to be able to quit your job and live contentedly for the rest of your life? I figured it out for myself, and given a 20-year payout and some wise investment choices, it’s not as much as I thought it would be.

Y’all, I’m not talking about living like royalty here; I’m talking about living like you do now, or maybe a touch better, without having to slave for a paycheck. Figure in health insurance and all that as you think about this, because you don’t want to risk getting sick or anything and having to spend all your hard-won winnings on taking care of ill health, do you? Also, don’t forget about the tax chunk that’s going to get taken out, which I estimate at about 35% for the annuity payout, or about half for a lump sum.

Oh, and my estimate is 4 million dollars. TOTAL. For the rest of my life. I plan to live a very long time too. What about you?

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