Monday, January 21, 2008

Arabic, Hebre, and Persian

Blogger is now offering three new languages! Yippee The WDP (world domination plan) can be swung into high gear for folks using those languages now.

But, how to get the word out? Hmm...


Snow! We had snow! There was snow!

I was out of town!


Driving back into NC last night, I pointed out to the Things that there was an appreciable amount of snow on the ground that they weren't seeing because they were too busy watching "Futurama" on the portable DeeVeeDee player (Thank you God for the PDVDP, for it is the maker of quiet trips).

Thing 1 obediently looked out the window, tore off his headphones, and exclaimed "Snow in North Carolina? I feel so disoriented! It's not supposed to snow here!"

There was much rejoicing over the snow, which up Hillsborough way was at least an inch thick and promised much happy happy playtime. By the time we reached Durham though the snow was all gone, and the rejoicing faded to a thin whisper of faint hope that somehow, SOMEHOW, it would be different once we got home.

The dusting of snow on the yard of the Tiny House was enough for him. First thing he did when he got out of the car was to go over to the snow, pick up a bit, and eat it. Yes, he's 12, what of it? The boy loves snow.

Up in Roanoke there was a fair bit of snow left over from a storm they'd gotten earlier in the week. The snow saucers were broken out and hills were slid down, the snowman with the unbelievably large head was recapitated several times, the icy balls of snowplow leavings were smashed into the clean roadways, and just about anything that could be appreciated about snow was appreciated, and heartily.

I have the distinct feeling that being born in Connecticut, and having spent most of their youth there amongst the long winters and many feets of snow, has moulded the Things' winter predilections more toward having snow and 'weather' than not. Can't say as I blamed them....I liked seeing it too, walking in the frigid air, watching the snowballs shatter in the street, the way the snow-smoothed fields up Route 86 glowed nerf-orange in the late sunset, the wintryness of an unusual happenstance in the old north state.

It might not only be the boys that miss snow. For all my proclamations of loving the south (which I do) they're still a touch short on winter around here for my tastes. A few more wee snowfalls like this last one, and I'd be satisfied. An inch, max. Maybe once a week. That melts off the roads in about an hour. Something to make actually buying mittens a worthwhile endeavor.


I have today off of work. In celebration, I slept until 10:08.

Not surprisingly, I look well-rested today.


ANYBODY else think the Giants were going to win?

In a break with my usual teevee watching mien, I turned on the game last night and kept it on. I was fascinated by the plumes of vapor coming from the players. That's it, really. I liked watching them breathe.

Fell asleep during the OT.

Apparently I'm not THAT MUCH of a fan. Heh.

So it's the Pats and the Giants. Who's going to take it, and by how much?


Hope y'all enjoy the rest of your day. I'm out to go shop with and for the Things, to get a breath of fresh air, and to enjoy the fact that for the first time in years I have MLK day off. Might even take a moment or two to ponder on what it is he achieved in this world. Seems only fair.

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