Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sexy Spanish Club in Buenos Aries

OK, the title of today's post is taken from 'blogs of note' I noticed on the blogger sidebar just now.

You know what? In my 2+ years of blogging on Blogger I've never ONCE noticed the name of THIS blog on the 'blogs of note.' What does a girl have to do to get a little recognition around here, anyhow? Jeez!


I had a brief moment of the thrill of victory this morning. It came while I was matching socks.

You see, I'm a firm believer in the notion that socks don't just go missing. I believe that someday, somehow, even the most odd sock will find its true mate once more, and will be matched up in sockly bliss to be worn by a pair of grateful feet. Ah, the happiness of the moment at which an formerly odd sock is once again assigned to its rightful spot as a useful item and not a clogger-of-shelf-space in the laundry room, which is the sad fate of so many.

Well this morning, after pulling a load of laundry from the dryer that had been lurking around in the Things' room for who knows HOW long, I thought for a brief and shining moment that not one, not TWO, but THREE odd sock matches were made. Oh the joy! I actually got a little jolt of glee while tucking the cuff of one sock tenderly around the top of the other, locking them into one another in satisfactory mating. I could almost hear their little muffled cottony voices shouting 'yippee' at seeing their old buddy again.

Truly, it was a Hallmark moment.

But all too shortlived, for the unthinkable then happened.

Yes, another odd sock of the SAME variety as the long-lost odd sock turned up. What? How does this happen? For MONTHS there's been one 'fubu' sock in the odd sock pile, and just when I thought I'd found its partner ANOTHER one turns up? Same with the red-toe Hanes socks! And the shortie sock with the blue arrow on the cuff.

All of them at one time were singletons, and now there were triplets? Wha?

My glee, she was quashed. My satisfaction at reducing the odd sock pile by a few members was shattered with the realization that I'd got no further, and perhaps, just PERHAPS, the odd socks that remained really ARE odd, and I should start thinking of another use for them.

How sad. To turn a once-comfy hoof cover into something so much more plebeian, like a dust rag? Almost unthinkable. They're socks, and need their friends. At least they need ONE friend. And not the "oh it's close enough" kind of friend that some folks (you know who you are) deem acceptable for their sox. Close enough, isn't. Socks must be precisely mated, or your feet will know it and be unhappy for the duration of the time they're forced to wear something not-quite-right. Don't even get me started on waring one short and one LONG sock. My God, that's an abomination. Gives me the jibblies just thinking about it, really.

The long and short of this tale is that the odd socks went back on the pile to clutter up the laundry room, because I have not yet given up hope that their mates are really out there someplace.

I might even go so far as to send the Things back to their Dad's house at some point with a bag fulla odd ones, and ask HIM to match 'em up.

Does that strike anyone as strange?


While trying to find a recipe for some kind of something to do with ground beef for dinner, I began by perusing a cookbook that the band parents association put out about a million years ago (ie: when I was in high school).

I started to laugh when I saw a recipe called "50,000 calorie hamburger bake," then saw that the recipe was from my Mom.

Who wants to bet that I made that recipe?

And who wants to bet that it was so effing good that I was hard-pressed not to bury my face in a second serving, even though the first serving I took was big enough for two?

Holy smokes, the yum. 50,000 calories, maybe, and every damn one of them utterly delicious.


Herewith then, for all y'all bravehearts and whiners out there who don't mind a smidge of richness in their diet, the original recipe, straight from the good book itself:

Please note that I used light cream cheese, nonfat sour cream, and nonfat cottage cheese, so the dish that I cooked had only 49K calories. Therefore, I had chocolate cake for dessert.

Also note that the instructions as above are somewhat truncated. Please feel free to layer all three ingredients (noodles, meat n' sauce, and cheez mixture) twice. That way you won't wind up with half your makin's left over, as the printed recipe would suggest.

Also also, the two cups macaroni is UNCOOKED. You should wind up with much more than that once you cook it. As always, I didn't measure, but I suspect that 2 cups of cooked mac won't be nearly enough.

There you go. Enjoy!

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