Tuesday, January 08, 2008

AInt' gonna happen today

After three hours spent at the NCDMV AND license plate agency this morning (after which time I was the proud new owner of a brand-spankin' new license! Be still my heart! I don't look like crap in my picture either, and the nice man taking the photo called me "sweetie," which I secretly love), another hour spent rolling around town on errands, and some small interval of time spent punishing the minions for not doing the dishes and laundry and bootlicking like I'd instructed, I'm pretty much out of time to blog today, and really, even out of time to blogsurf, which I've been doing less and less of lately anyhow, and it feels like I'm totally out of touch and the my grip on reality is slipping away, much like Britney Spears or Ted Bundy. Either or, because right now I think they're about the same insofar as their BEST skills at "keeping their shit together" goes, and let's not forget that Ted is actually DEAD now.

I'm not dead yet, but you couldn't tell it by my interwebs presence lately. Somehow? I think you'll all survive quite nicely without me.

So, yeah, not much to say today, and not much time ot say it, EXCEPT....

Except to say congratulations to Wordnerd for her sweet victory.

And to say congratulations to Tammie for getting her song published at the WVSR.

And to say there's a new Wordsmiths up.

And to say that it's about 70 here today, and I'm infecking LOVE with NC right now. The windows are open, the birds are tweedling quite nicely, gray squirrels chirrup and bother from the bare branches of majestic oaks and arching pecans, and there are motorcycles vrooming about. In January. JANUARY!!! No snow. No cold. No freaking reason to shovel or shiver or slip and fall.

GOD I love it here.

See you tomorrow, when life will proceed at a less frenetic pace, I'm a-hoping.

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