Friday, January 11, 2008


Today's headlines are being explored in a slightly different fashion from other weeks. I actually found stuff that I thought was interesting enough to READ on the Yahoo news site today, and so will link to them here in hopes that maybe you'll want to go read them to, and in the process get a little bit edified and also realize what a truly hopeless geek I am.

Not that there's anything WRONG with me being a geek, of course. Nor you either. I heart geeks, fo sho!


I so totally want one of these things. Really, the name alone is awesome, plus it's Linux system so you can say 'buh-bye' to Windows? Yes ma'am, I'll take one.

Oh, and it's cheap? OK, sell me another.

Honestly, how can you say no to a computer that fits in your purse and has a ridiculously cute name?


This is kind of cool news on first read. However, if one spends the time to read it all, it becomes clear that this new finding isn't the ur-key to autism that so many people hope and pray will work to unlock their children.

That being said, if a child of mine has the odd genetic recombination, I think it would be nice to know about it so that maybe some interventions or therapies could be started earlier than when the first signs of the syndrome appear, so hey, any small advance is a good advance! Watching a child become immersed in autism is frightening and frustrating. It's very good to know that this work is being done so that a kid who might be affected can get as much help as early as they can to stem the tide of whatever it is that happens to them as they mature into this isolating 'label.'

So, rock on, you scientists who continue to search for ways to untangle the mysteries of why we are the ways we are. Doing so takes immense patience, dedicated passion, and the ability to persevere in the face of many a roadblock.


Anyone who's ever been to the Big Apple knows how exciting this bit of news is. Oh, y'all who live in accommodating places like, um, anywhere BUT NYC probably wouldn't understand what the big deal is about getting a public TOILET, for Pete's sake, but I'll just bet that if you're one of those people who has spent some time doing the pee-pee dance in Times Square looking for someplace to relieve the bladder pressure and getting frustrated at every daggone TURN, then you know how sweet it would be to see one of these toilet kiosks shining like a beacon on the street corner.

And only a quarter to use? Cheap at twice the price.




OK, this is cool. Not only are historic trees in NYC (again with "The City"! Oy!) being cloned in an effort to repopulate the boroughs with arboreal splendor, but the effort involves agriculture students from a Queens high school.

All two of them, I'm guessing.

Still, cool. Cloning trees is cool, and getting kids involved in cloning trees is even MORE cool.


Yet another thing to be grateful for that I didn't even realize I should be worried about in the first place.

Way to go, wayward asteroid!


Um, what happened HERE?

Here's a before pic.


Anyhow, that's it from here for today. I got all involved in READING the news today (le shock! quel surprise!), being careful of course to not expose myself to anything beyond the headlines for stories that involves war or (horrifyingly) children being thrown off of BRIDGES (WTF is WRONG with people?), and I even learned a thing or two.

Hope y'all did too, and that you're looking forward to a weekend full of fun and frolic and forni...


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