Friday, December 08, 2006

Totally NOT what I was going to write about....

Allrightie then. I have a new cute favicon, so that's yesterday's obsession wiped out.

See it up there in the navbar, and maybe even in your bookmarks list (if you've bookmarked NAY)? Cute, ain't it?

Easy to do too, once I stumbled on the correct answers.....only took about 4 hours of searching to get to that point.

I am about to tell you how I did it, because I'm pretty sure that because 90% of the known blogosphere uses Blogger and we're all sick and darned tired of all having the same navbar icon (for all y'all IE users, you might not see one unless you're using IE7 or have the tab plugin for 6 and lower. Got get Firefox and you'll see what I'm talking about. It's free. Go on, Do it now.).

You DO want your own icon, don't you? Of course you do. Read on then, and I'll tell you how it's done.

See, all you do is create a picture that screams "this is MY site and MY identity" in a sqaure format (not "not hip" square (does anyone use that term anymore) but "equilateral parallelogram with internal right angles on all four apices" kind of square) that's at least 96 pixels per side and less than 100kb in size. Save it in .bmp or .gif format.

This is mine:

With me so far? Use painter or something easy (which is what I did, and I'm pretty much an idiot and STILL could come up with something not totally LAME), and don't use too many colors or too finely detailed a picture, or what you'll ultimately wind up with is something that looks like CRAP once it's squished down to the 16x16 pixel icon size (ask me how I know this....).

Allrightie then. You've got your awesome wee picture in your eager paws and are practically salivating with anticipation over getting the damned thing UP ON YOUR URL "just like Tiff has it."

I understand, this is heady stuff, but you need to take a deep breath and stick with me. Hear me, soldier? Stay with me!

Next step: Go to "" and create an account. Don't worry, it's free. Yay for free!

Use the "change my favatar" function to import your awesome new picture into your account, and refresh the page to see how unbelievably GREAT it looks on the home page.

OK, now your picture is being "hosted" somewhere. Good for you!

Now, go to the "help" menu at, click on the "how do I add a favicon to my blog" question, and follow the instructions there. (Basically ,what you're going to do is copy and paste a bit of code into your blogger template that tells web browsers to go to myfavatar to use YOUR icon with your URL instead of the blogger icon.) It's important to remember to change the "favicon" in the code to your new username once you've pasted the code into your template.

Save the template changes, republish the index (or the whole blog iffn ya wanna), and you should see your adorable/awesome/fear-inducing favicon on the navbar!

Please, should you choose to follow these instructions, do tell me if they worked or not.


I just used up a lot of space writing about something that maybe y'all aren't so interested in, but it interests me, so there. This is my blog and I can do what I want.

However, because I want all y'all to be happy, let me offer up something else to the rest of youse who might not want your own favicon (and why on earth NOT, I ask) and need to hear boring stories of my life.

Here's one:

I hate route 401. I hate it on regular nights, because there are vast herds of humanity using it when I JUST WANT TO GO HOME, but last night I hated it with the intense fury of a class 5 hurricane.

Oh yes, that much.

You see, even though I am only ON route 401 for a couple/few miles, it took me 40 MINUTES to traverse that distance last night, because further UP route 401 (may the fleas of a thousand camels infest its ditches) there had been an accident.

All right, you might say, big deal. It's a highway. Route traffic around it.

Ahahahahahahahaha!!! You would be funny to say that, because what you do not know is that immediately AFTER the light at which I need to turn OFF of route 401, traffic goes from 3 lanes in each direction to 1.

That's right. 1 lane north, 1 lane south. There's nowhere to ROUTE traffic even if you WANTED to, the result of which is that a bottleneck of extraordinary proportion is created, with cars and trucks and angry people lining up, waiting to inch forward a car length at a time, becoming giddy if 2 or more car lengths are achieved at any one forward burst, sucking down fumes and listening to loud rap fro that CAR OVER THERE or loud country from that TRUCK OVER THERE and wishing for the powers of levitation while watching the gas gauge slink toward "E" with no quickie mart in sight.

Because I was hatin' on the 401 during my extended tenure there, I of course was exhilarated to get off of it, procure some gasoline, and get onto the road that leads to my house. Ah, such a wonderful feeling to zoom along at 45 MPH.

Zoom along, yo ho, until a looong snake of taillights appear where a long snake of taillights usually ISN'T.


Another accident. Right on the corner of one country road and another country road that intersect at a most dangerous acute angle, and approaching traffic doesn't have a stop sign, except maybe that one car should have stopped before it was rammed into by that truck (which should actually have been the one to stop, judging from the direction the wreck was facing) and consequently was smash-pushed into the front yard of the farmhouse on the corner, necessitating the arrival of all the cops and firemen from a dozen EMS units who set up their klieg lights and made us all wait until the injured were extricated and whisked away in 2 ambulances, of which only one turned on the lights and sirens.

When the second one pulled out, silently, from the wreck scene, I found myself praying for whomever was inside, hoping that the silence meant something good.

Yeah, it was a long ride home.

Thank God for bourbon, is all I'm sayin'.


Y'all have a good weekend. I do believe I'll be working.

Don't you wish you were me right now?

Yeah, me neither.

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