Friday, December 01, 2006

This one's for the Wordsmiths

So, this month's Wordsmiths challenge was perpetuated by the subtly evil Kingfisher, who, once he posted the challenge disappeared from the interwebs and has apparently gone into hiding. I believe he's afraid of the fallout and whining from the difficulty points that came with this challenge.

What was the challenge?

To write a story, using mostly dialog, between you and your favorite childhood toy, all in under 500 words.

Sure, it SOUNDS easy, but dialog is HARD for most writers, unless they're natural playwrights, which I am not. So, for the second month in a row I struggled. I struggled hard against the little demon in my head that said "write a story about how you used to play with your Barbies by sacrificing them to the cannibal GI Joe's you stole from your brother's room after stripping them down and sticking pin arrows into them to kill them, then beheading them mercilessly before the roasting and feasting took place," but I didn't think that kind of dialog would evoke a real spirit of childhood, which I associate with innocence and summer vacations and sweetness and light.

Had to find another story. Had to find another memory. Had to find something that wouldn't make y'all wonder if some part of me isn't permanently broken.

Thus, we have the following.



Let's go Ruby, it's time go! Here, let me get you out of the garage so we can play.

All right!

Did you have a good night? I missed you, and couldn't wait to get off the bus so we could play together. School was boring to day as usual, the stupid teacher put me in the corner because I showed off the stupid art teacher's stupid project behind her back. Gosh, it was so dumb - who cares about making a picture about always using tissues when you sneeze anyhow?

Not me. I don't have a nose, so I can't sneeze.

I mean, geez, the last stupid project was about using your toothbrush the right way, and she was all excited about that stupid thing because we all got REAL toothbrushes to use in the stupid project. Whoop-dee-do, anyhow.

How stupid.

I know. Stupid. I didn't tell Mom I got put in the corner. I don't think she'd want to know I got in trouble for being fresh again. Mom says I've got a big mouth and need to learn to keep it shut.

I like to listen to you. You talk to me. Hey, I have an idea! Let's go to the top of the hill and see how fast we can go by the time we get to the bottom!

That's a great idea, though you KNOW I'm not supposed to go anyplace where I can't see the house.

Well, we'll see it pretty quick again if we go fast.

All right. Let's go before Mom sees me leave........Gosh, I've never seen the Bocker's house this close. They have an iron statue of a dog on their porch. My legs are getting tired. I'm sweaty.

We're here.

Wow. The house looks really tiny from up here.

But you can still see it, right?

Yeah! Cool! I haven't broken any rules!

Let's go. Fast as you can.

Ready....set......go! Oh my gosh, we're going so fast! Past the Drew's, the Johnson's, the Moore's!


The wind is making my eyes water! I'm afraid!

Don't be, we're FLYING!

Ruby! Help! I can't make the turn! We're going to crash! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Ruby? You OK?

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Oh Ruby, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry! You're all banged up. The statue on your front fender broke off. I'm sorry! Wait right here, I'll go get a band-aid and fix you up.


I'm back. I have three band-aids. I'm putting that silver angel statue back on your front fender. You'll be all right soon, I promise. Don't hate me because I hurt you!

Ah, that feels better. I think I'm going to be OK.

Oh Ruby, let's not do that again. I was afraid you were never going to be the same. I thought I'd killed you.

Nah, I'm OK.

I love you Ruby. Mom says it's time for dinner. I gotta go.

See you tomorrow - I'll be here.


This is a true story. I was 6. I loved that bike. I still remember crying over that broken fender ornament, and my frantic search for the box of band-aids to fix her up so she wouldn't hurt anymore.

Funny thing though, Ruby never really was the same once she learned she couldn't fly.

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