Thursday, December 14, 2006

A beautiful day in the NAYborhood

Heh - a joke, right there in the title. Well, maybe it's a pun, but still, funny! Laugh with me, internets! Hahaha!


First: I guest posted at KaplyInc this morning. If you've got the time, please go check out the utter nonsense she allowed me to post, and also check out the other guest posters while you're there. Today is Day 3 of the festivities, so there is already some groovy stuff guest posted. It's pretty neat to read other people's stuff and find new blog crushes. I'm hoping my exposure on KaplyInc will garner me some new blog stalkers. Ah, a girl can dream....

Second: It is in the mid-60's here today. I am loving this. Please don't mention global warming. I do not care about that right now, for in my ostrich-like position of head-in-the-sandedness regarding the environment and the state of Mother Earth this holiday season, I am overjoyed that I do not have to bundle up in layers just to get from my car to the office. Global warming worry can wait until summer, when North Carolina offers up many an opportunity to fry eggs on the dashboard of one's car, even when it's parked in the shade.

Third: If y'all see that any of my blog links are broken, please let me know. Lots of folks are changing over to the new blogger or are (gasp) abandoning Blogger altogether, and sometimes, just sometimes, I don't know about these things until it's too late.

If you're ON the blogroll and have changed sites, please let me know. I want to be up to the minute on all things linky, so as not to frustrate or confuse the veritable throngs of people (if, by "throng," one means "a dozen") who come here looking for high-quality entertainments to enjoy while NOT on company time (cough cough).

Fourth: Pretty soon Neil's holiday concert will be posted. I have to get my song in by the 20th. As some may know, I'm going to sing "The Christmas Song" (otherwise known as "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..."). At first, I was going to do it straight, refined, respectful of Mel Torme, who wrote the tune when he was 19 years old. Then, realizing that to do it like Mel did would be a terrible disservice to all things Torme, so I decided to snazz it up with a jazzy little beat, hoping that the snazz would distract from my lack of skill.

But then, THEN, I head the Temptations do it (Thanks, Purl!), and all jazzy snazz was obliterated from my thick skull in deference to their swingy hipster beateeo version, and I have now decided to do it like they did, all cool and boppy.

Because what's Christmas without a middle-aged white girl trying to vocally imitate a group of smoove-movin' crooners from the 70's (perhaps even with intercalating "do-wops" to fill the musical gaps)? No Christmas at all, that's what.

Unless, of course, y'all have some OTHER version of the tune you really like, and then I'll see if I can find it and maybe change my mind again. There's time, dear readers, there is time.

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