Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Back seat musings

Lord, lord, but this entry ain't what you might think from the title, if you've got a filthy mind. I'm not talking about any possible backseat shenanigans I may have gotten up to in my youth, for we are in the holiday spirit now, which doesn't involve talk of extracurrriculars, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

No, this "back seat musings" focuses on the things I hear uttered in the back seat of the family sedan on our to-ings and fro-ings around town.

Last night's musing session was particularly good, I thought, and so I shall transcribe it here, as nearly as I can.


Time: 7:30 p.m., after Thing 1 successfully conquered the beastly bassoon and played his first concert (and I quote: "Mom, I actually PLAYED it, and it sounded good! I bet Mrs Thomas is going be all happy tomorrow and tell us we did reall really good!" after which he proceeded to bounce all over the hallways and walkways, expending much built-up nervous energy)

Place: duh, the back seat of the car, going toward home.

It is dark.

Thing 1: Gosh, I'm tired. I'm as tired as anything.

Thing 2: it's only 7:30! How can you be tired?

Thing 1: I feel all drained from that concert. I can't believe I played. I'm glad it's over.

Mom: You guys did great. I'm really proud of you.

Thing 1: It feels good to hear you say that. I'm proud of me too.

Thing 2: I'm proud of my feet. They stink.

Thing 1: Now, why'd you have to say that? I was feeling really good about myself and you ruined it.

Mom: Thing 2, that was not nice. No more of that.

Thing 2: OK. Sorry, Thing 1.

Thing 1: You know, I like to look up at the sky and ponder the universe. I can't wait until we get back out to the country so I can see the stars and imagine what it's like in other solar systems.

Thing 2: Well, you already KNOW what it's like on Zatoff, 'cause we were born there.

Thing 1: Yeah, but other planets. Other stars. There are millions of them. What are the people like out there?

Thing 2: Some stars are more than 30 times the size of the sun. There are some stars that are half the size of Pluto.

Thing 1: Like red dwarfs.

Thing 2: Yeah.

Thing 1: Some scientists say the Jupiter was almost a star, but it didn't have enough mass to start to burn.

Thing 2: Yeah.

Thing 1: I can see Orion's belt.

Thing 2: Sirius is the dog star. It's named after Sirius Black from Harry Potter.

Thing 1: Yeah.


I can practically SEE the gears turning inside their blessedly nerdly little heads.


Oh - in case you missed it, the Wordsmiths have another challenge posted.

Also, sometime today
Neil's Holiday Concert will be posted. And I have to go hide behind a thick curtain of shame lest any of you try to find me here after listening to my feeble musical offering. I am sure, however, that everyone else's holiday-ness will more than make up for my lameness. So go, listen, get all infused with the spirit of the season. I'm sure it will be worth it.

Just keep the mocking on the down low, 'kay?

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