Thursday, December 07, 2006

It is written in the stars

A little research this morning (actually, a nosing around from the "details" pages of sitemeter) let me know that if one searched Google for:

'"locker room" naked'

the entry here at NAY from yesterday comes up as the #1 result.

It's clear that I belong in the PBAA.


The sunrise this morning was one of those that is so gorgeous it could convince an atheist that God exists.

I don't really care if all the colors, the brassy gold of the cloudbacks where they were lit by the sun, the butter yellow of the sky, the perfect charcoal blue of the cloud fronts, are the result of the fallout from nuclear testing or some volcano eruption halfway around the world, I really don't.

If that's what it takes to stun me into a momentary reverence, then so be it. It's a close as I ever get to church.

The only thing better would have been if there had been those pillars of sunlight bursting out from the cloud tops, a headdress of light, as it were, to finish the finery. I totally love that.


Sometime in the next little while, I'll have a guest post up at KaplyInc. I'm not entirely certain what Tracy Lynn has in mind to DO with my guest post, so it will be a surprise to me as well to see what finally shows up. I just wrote something, sent it to her, and for all I know she's going to mock it ruthlessly and stomp all over my lame idea like a Panzer on the offense.

I kind of hope this isn't what's going to happen, because the whole guest post thing is supposed to be like a "12 Days of Christmas" thing, but one never knows with Tracy. I just have to cross the old fingers and hope for the best.

Dealing with evil geniuses is always a dicey business.


Also, in a fit of I don't know what, I signed up at Neil's blog to do a Christmas song for his holiday bloggers concert.

Please, someone talk me out of it, because I'm not sure the world is ready to hear me sing "The Christmas Song" without some MAJOR editing and possibly a vocoder or something cool to cover up the horribleness of my middle-aged voice.

If you too are impulsive and regularly engage in ill-considered joining of things that seem fun at the time but in retrospect appear to perhaps be designed to introduce you to a world of embarrassment and shame, then hop on over to Citizen of the Month and sign up too.

I hear ALL the cool kids are doing it. At least I THINK that's what I heard.


And lastly, a plea.

If anyone out there knows how to use favicons in Blogger-not-Beta, would you please let me know? I so TOTALLY want my own little cute URL icon to show up in the nav bar and in bookmarks, but don't know how to make it work and I'm maybe getting a little bit obsessed about this to the point of ignoring other obligation to do R&D work on this topic.

It looks easy to do, if, say, you're a super-genius HTML whiz, but I'll be jiggered if I can figure out what my "root" directory is for blogger, which is where I need to put my cute little favicon in order for it to automatically load.

Help is needed, and y'all are it.

The first one to come up with a usable answer gets a guest post from me. Don't all rush the stage to be first now....


I figured it out - if you're using Firefox or other browser that uses tabbed browsing - check out the url logo in the nav bar! Cute, eh?

Actually, the favicon sucks, but hey, at least it's THERE!

Thanks to Rick for lending a hand, and, even though I kinda of found out on my own, he still was there digging around on my behalf. So, he gets a guest post from me if he wants one.

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