Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In which I am verklempt


The Wordsmiths December Challenge posting should be up anytime now. Go, Read. The stories are pretty damned good, IMHO.


Now to the verklempt.......

Sometimes people come into our lives and instantly change them for the better.

I am happy to announce that this phenomenon has happened to me again very recently, and the phenom's name is Biff Spiffy.

Why has Biff changed my life for the better?

Because he has generously invited me to participate in a new blogger's association. I am seriously thinking of joining.

So, Biff, if I was at home I'd raise a glass our our shared favorite adult beverage and make a toast to your insight and creativity, but as it's only 10 a.m. I will hoist high my styrofoam cup of organic farm-raised coffee with creamer and sweetener and say "WELL DONE!", for you have made me come over all verklempt at your generosity.


Also, because apparently today is the day for hyperlink hijinx, I will also shout out to my new buddy Rennratt, who has engaged with me of late in a pursuit most noble, which was her idea in the first place but on which bandwagon I immediately jumped as as to appear noble and good-hearted as well, because I'm a joiner like that.

Sadly (and yet in kind of a cool way) I cannot say what this pursuit is, for it involves someone who is, as yet, unsuspecting and who comes to NAY from time to time (and no I'm not going to say who it is, you curious little bunnies!), but suffice it to say that during the activities necessary to complete said noble pursuit, Renn and I were perhaps being targeted from immediate removal from a certain big-box retailer for hysterical laughter and vicious mockery of certain low-priced buying opportunities.

It's not everyone who can share in that kind of noble pursuit; I tell you THAT much right now.


Fitness update: 1/2 mile in the pool in 24 minutes. 300 meters at a time without stopping. 1 minute rest after each 300 meters. 23 kicks per length, 15 full strokes per length. I added backstroke today, just to mix it up. Have to work on the flutter kick thang, because I'm pathetic at it.

Something must be working right, because I could actually walk after I got out of the pool. Usually the legs, they're pretty wobbly.

BONUS: Older Chinese swimmer lady was there as well. She does butterfly. I might not like her as much anymore for just that one simple fact. Oh, and she walks around the locker room bare-ass naked after she showers, humming those Chinese folk songs in her deep voice. Because nobody who does that kind of thing is a regular-schmegular kind of person, I now suspect she is the former lover of a major Chinese political figure who escaped from a life of under-the-covers naughty action through the auspices of the United States government, who resettled her in suburban North Carolina after extracting all her secrets under the power of truth serum and thumb screws, and replaced all her memories with the ability to swim a difficult stroke and a lack of modesty.

Side note: she actually has a nice ass for a lady her age.


Also in the pool this morning: a woman swimming in a shirt.

OK, not a regular shirt, but a shirt nonetheless. A kind of skintight racy-looking thing.

A confession: I want one. The shirt is cool.

See, here's the deal - I am so accessory-free in the pool it's sad. I don't have goggles. I don't have a cool rubber swim cap (OK, I do, I just don't use it). I don't have nose clips or swim fins or hand paddles nor NOTHING, and I'm starting to think that the other hyper-accessorized swimmers might think I'm not good or something because I swim with just me, my bathing suit (which is getting a little old and baggy because the lycra/spandex/whatever has been subject to too much pool water and children playing horsey with Mom in the pool using the straps as reigns, but maybe that's a story for another time), and a kickboard.

I need to rethink the lack of accessories, and then hurry out and shop for a LIFE.


That's it for today - work calls and I must answer. As always, feel free to leave comments, recipes, suggestions, snippets of your life by using the comments feature of this here blog, and I'm pretty sure I'll answer most all of them with a little something I like to call "feedback."

See you all right back here tomorrow, 'kay?

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