Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Dudes - I'm in New Jersey. See me up/over/down there? I'm waving at you from the 4th floor of the stunning Short Hills Hilton!

I must say something right now about the Short Hills Hilton, and that something is; I do not belong here.

There is marble on the floor in the bathroom. There are doormen. There is real wood furniture in the room, and a plasma screen teevee. There is a phone in the bathroom.

Makes me nervous, all this posh.

But you know what? I think I'll live. Business travel, you ain't half bad. It's almost worth the 4 hours of sleep a night for many nights trying to get the project done to HAVE to travel to HAVE to stay at the Hilton so I can sink into the nice comfy bed, to take a HOT damn shower and stand there for 30 minutes, to tuck the tiny bottles of awesome body wash and shampoo and lotion into my ragged duffel bag, just so I can take them out at some future date, open them up, and breathe in the scent of luxury.

Almost. Tomorrow, however, real life arrives again, and I'm ready. Hey, at least with real life comes a full night's sleep.


I'm traveling with a couple of people - one a very energetic and corporate project manager, and one a writer, just like me.

Guess which one of us has 2 cell phones, fancy shoes, a fabulous hairstyle, matching luggage, and a real stylish black leather purse?

2 guess, one of the three of us is a man, the other of us just mentioned a ratty duffel bag.


So, as I wait for the room service person to bring me my plebian burger and beer, watch some obscure Christmas special on the teevee (starring Ed Asner!?!?! and OMG - is that Bob Newhart?!?!?! Wait! It's ELF!! ELF!!! Woo-hoo!!!), and get myself geared up for a few more hours of work, I just thought I'd take a little time out to say hey!

So, hey.

(that was a REALLY tiny Laurie Anderson reference. The first person to tell me the name of the song from whence it comes gets a heapin' helpin' of r-e-s-p-e-c-t from me.)

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