Monday, February 21, 2011

Why they don't see me at Humongacorp much anymore

I know, I shouldn’t complain (I could have been given THIS after the recent office move). I know, I’m lucky to have a job. I know, I’m fortunate to have a well-paying job! I know I should keep my yap shut about the new working conditions, but dang. It's nearly impossible to be sanguine when working in the corporate version of the Monkey cage at the zoo.

Herein, the top 10 things I’ve learned in my week or so living in the office equivalent of the freaking main terminal at O’Hare:

  1. The director around the corner simply does not know how to talk softly.
  2. The people (random groups of them!) who use the conference room right outside my cube door do not know how to close the door. NONE OF THEM.
  3. The people who use the coffee machine do not know how to keep their conversations at a level the might be considered discreet.
  4. The copy machine/printer runs CONSTANTLY.
  5. There are many many people here who wear unnecessarily clicky shoes
  6. Some people spend an awful lot of time at the coffee machine.
  7. There are folks here show eat might pungent foods for lunch. Mighty pungent. Mouthwateringly so at times, other times right-out puzzlingly so.
  8. Seriously, director lady can’t be quiet. It’s like she’s talking right in my ear, constantly.
  9. Not being able to pinpoint when the footsteps approaching my cube are for me or are simple random walk-bys of the hundreds of people using the effing corridor my cube in located on is uncomfortable.
  10. And #10 was another rant about being in the worst place in the building, but I’m tired of ranting. I just want someone to come sit with me in this Babel-tastic craphole and agree that it’s quite possibly the most asinine place to put a writer that ever existed. Shoot – they could have put me in the cafeteria with less regular disruption to my work surroundings.


I think I’m officially tired of bitching about my cube now. I know, I didn’t think it could happen EITHER! Seriously, I have to face facts - Nothing’s ever going to be done about it, nobody cares to listen, no-one will agree that it’s sucks as much I think it does, so it's time for me to man up and shut up about it now.

If something really JUICY comes along though, be sure that I will tell you. But for now, I’m pretending I’m working in a glamorous airport terminal, minus the Cinnabon smell. It might help quell the hate, just a little, the pretending.


What’s the worst place you’ve ever worked? Was it the job or the atmosphere or the people that made it heartily suck? Do tell us about it in the comments so I can maybe feel a little bit better about this good job I have to do in the worst cube ever.

And thanks.

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