Thursday, February 24, 2011

If you don’t hear from me, check the hospital

So, we’re going to go skiing this weekend!

Pray for me.

Actually, given the price of going skiing this weekend, I might just send the boys up to the slopes and sit in the lounge sipping warm things and finishing up the edit of a friend’s novel. Ah, a crackling fire, a hot chocolate, and a red pen. Life would be sweet.

However, I suspect that at least ONE in our party might like me to be out there freezing my wobbly bits off, and thus I may have to, for the first time in about 20 years, strap on a pair of skis and give it a go. Rather unfortunately, my back seems to be all healed up now after having caused me significant amounts of grief over the past 8 or so weeks, and so that’s one good excuse right down the crapper. I can’t use poverty as an excuse either, though in truth a sensible person wouldn't be going skiing at all as it’s not the cheapest activity in the world and there’s the rental accommodation to consider, but y’all, we’ve not just all 4 gone and done something fun in like FOREVER beyond the occasional hike, and the Things have never been skiing, so off we go, spending money like it’s water and, I hope, buying great memories to fill the empty pocketbook.

Sometimes you just need to know when to say ‘what the heck,’ and go for it.

So, if I’m not in full traction by Monday, you’ll get to hear all about how awesome it was and how much fun we had in the ol’ hot tub (Squee!) and how beautiful it was all up in them mountains. If I am in full traction,you’ll still probably get to hear about how much fun it was, but through the lens of pain. Could get a little snarkish ‘roundabout these parts if that’s the case.


Here’s an example of the color we’re going to paint the kitchen (Benjamin Moore 'Beach Glass'). I think I might love it a little.

In comparison to the brown+brown on brown color scheme we were previously going with, this will be an awesome change. I can definitely see how it will play up all the warm woods of the floor and cabinets, and once the new (CUSTOM!) kitchen table is in I’m betting we’re going to have a real showplace in the Tiny House.

Once it’s really and truly done, we’re thinking of throwing a kitchen-warming party.

And guess what? You’re invited.

Just bring an appetizer and some new dish towels for us (because ours? mostly not even good enough to wash the cars with. They're almost uniformly shameful). It’ll be fun! Plus which, I might let you touch my new stand mixer. Ooooh, fire-engine red and a 6-quart capacity bowl? That's hot! Rawr!

But you'll have to take off your shoes at the door. Our new floors require at least that much respect.


Brings me to a QotD - are you a 'shoes off in the house' kind of person or do you not care if people wear their clodhoppers? I was raised in a strictly no shoes house, and even now when going to visit my Mom my shoes are OFF the instant I step through the front door. At large family gatherings the shoe pile can grow to an impressive size.

I'm not nearly as strict, but am thinking of initiating a shoes off policy now that we have floors we'd like to protect. I mean, Biff and I sweated over refinishing the LR floor a couple of years ago, and I saw what a pain in the rumpus-room installing this kitchen floor was, so if I never have to refinish a floor in our house again it will be too soon.

Would it be too much of me to ask that guests take their shoes off though? This might be a deal-breaker for the Kitchen warming. I'd hate to put anyone off by installing a giant shoe rack on the front porch and putting a 'leave shoes here' sign in a place of prominence.

So, your input is respectfully solicited. This is IMPORTANT work we're doing here people, so pipe up!


With that little admonition out of the way, it's time to go. Later y'all. Tiff out.

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