Wednesday, February 09, 2011

no, really, I don't come here that often

There's something happening here.
What it is ain't exactly clear.
There's a cube in the hall over there,
with my name on it, which isn't fair.

Oh my stop, hey what's that sound
everybody talks while walking 'round
Stop hey what's that sound
talking by my cube it does abound!

My silent corner is gone
cube moves hit, and I got the call
"Move on out to this new dreadful place
Where everyone can be all in your face!"

Oh my stop, hey what's that sound
everybody talks while walking 'round
Stop hey what's that sound
talking by my cube it does abound!


Only 2 more days in the place I've occupied for a bit over 3 years, my back to a wall and a window to my left. Goodbye sunshine. Goodbye privacy, goodbye quiet corner. Goodbye also to being co-located with the people in my group.

And a big hello, come next Monday, to life in the work equivalent of the howler monkey cage at the zoo. My best representation below...

See why I'm a little testy at this whole 'move' thing?


In better news: we now have a DISHWASHER! DISHWASHER!! YAY!

OMG y'all. Wow. It's awesome. However....

I still hate putting the dishes away when the machine is done with them. It's been almost 4 years since I had a dishwasher, and my maturity level where putting dishes away is concerned hasn't budged on bit.

Old-school Tiny House had limited counter space and no dishwasher. Therefore, when the dishes were washed and set on the rack to dry, approximately half (yes, half) the available counter space was used up with clean and drying dishes. This situation made putting the dishes away a necessity if any cookery was to happen.

New-school Tiny House had a buffet/small appliance corral to put the toaster oven and mixer on, and a shelf for the microwave, so we've gotten back about 2+ linear feet of counter space (whee!), and there's no dish rack (double whee!), so cooking can happen at any time, even WITH a fully loaded dishwasher going on just under the countertop. So, Mr Upshot says that there's now no NEED to put away those clean dishes - just let 'em sit! And while they're sitting, let the dirty ones pile up in the sink(s) as an added fabulous touch!

Yep, I knew there was a reason I hesitated about that dang dishwasher.

However, it's is beautiful and gorgeous and makes almost no noise (and it's not even a Bosch, but equally as quiet (I know I've shilled for Bosch before, but apparently the domestic makers got a whiff of that selling point (the quiet, not me shilling) and stepped up their game so that the less expensive Kenmores and such also have super-quiet machines)) and really does do a nice job on the dishes, which is good because now there's no reason to have a slick of grease on pans or silverware that....isn't, or fingerprints and whatnot besmirching our tableware, which is not at all like it was when certain people in our house were asked to do the dishes and rushed through doing them so fast that it's likely the plates never really got all that wet or soapy. Seems that teenaged boys are not all that fussy when it comes to dish-doing, and thus deemed 'done' a rack full of still-grunky items. Bleah to that, and hooray to the dishwasher!

So you might wonder 'hey, if the dishwasher is in, is the remodel is actually, finally, at long last finished after a good 2 months of being in progress?' and I will happily scream out YES!

Once it really IS done.

We're just, uh, unsure about the paint colors. And don't have a table that works with the new look of the room. Heck, a new back door just went in yesterday. And, well, there are a few pieces of flooring that still need to be whacked into place. And a new spice rack made so we can stop pawing through the grocery bag full of jars and tubs and grinders that house the 300 bucks worth of tasty tasty herrrrrrrrrbs n' spices we keep on hand in case of a garam masala emergency or turmeric tragedy happening (seriously, would-be robbers, we have a lot of expensive spices in the house. You'd be better off stealing those than the BluRay). Also, we have to find the couple of boxes of kitchen implements we decided in December we could live without and try to repatriate them into the space available.

So yeah, we're close enough to basically move back into the kitchen, but are still thisclose to being truly and really 'all done.'


Let me just say right here that it's danged handy being married to a remodeling expert in times like these. If he wasn't a pro, I'd have worried about even starting this process, much less remaining unconcerned when I came home to find things like a huge hole cut into the floor or the walls literally ripped off. Having the expertise that resides in his noggin, and the ability and willingness to use that expertise on our house rather than seeking out (much) other paying work is a HUGE boon, and so I'd like to say thanks to Biff for being capable, strong, untiring, and patient. Seriously, man, I'd have been totally off my rocker trying to do this thing any other way.

And with that, it's Tiff out time. Y'all have a wonderful hump-afternoon.

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