Friday, February 11, 2011


My goodness but our dog stinks. Who knew Aussies could get so smelly in just 2 weeks after their last bath?

I guess the fact that she licks herself constantly and never, ever, brushes her teeth might have something to do with it.

And to make the future seem even more bright, it's coming onto Spring around here which means she's going to go full-on-allergic at any moment, meaning I'm going to have to start dosing her up with the Bennies soon, which we both lovelovelove as you might imagine.

Yes, the first signs of Spring are upon us. It's in the 50's today, with temps up near 60 on the weekend. The daffodils out front are all pushed up and the buds are getting fat. I've even spotted a shoot or 2 from the daylilies starting to peek out, and the hydrangeas are budding out as well. It's light until at least 6 p.m., a nice change from the December gloom, and I'm seeing geese headed back north. Pretty soon there will be robins hopping around and grass to mow, and I'm ready for all of it.

Except the dog allergies and the stupid effing fleas that appear every year. There's no avoiding them, they overwinter better than a basement full of pumpkins, and they're out for blood. I wonder what poor humor God was in when he created those suckers. They are, in my opinion, completely worthless except to remind us how nice it is when they're NOT around, much like obnoxious relatives.


Yesterday I packed up 2 whole boxes of office stuff (woo - no packrat, me!) and took one long last look at my lovely cube.

Next up, the cube in Grand Central Terminal, which I now plan to decorate with very obnoxious fake plants and creepy dolls. Maybe only the HEADS of creepy dolls. But definitely creepy. SOmething like they'd have on "Oddities," a show I rather like.

Yep - put me on public display, and watch what you get.


Our new dishwasher is a jaunty little thing - it actually plays a little tune when it starts up and when it's finished with a load of dishes. So cute.


Well, that's about that. Nothing very interesting coming out of this end of the earth today. Sometimes life is just like that, you know? A head full of ideas one day but a memory so full of holes that by the next day those ideas have spilled right out leaving nothing much in their place. If things continue as they are, in a couple years' time I'll be publishing posts that contain nothing but white space and maybe a couple of fart jokes.

And I'll STILL expect you to comment on it.

Have a lovely weekend, all. Tiff out.

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