Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Hey – remember a week or so ago when I went to the dermatologist’s office and had a couple of spots frozen off and the spot on my wrist swelled up like an ol’ tick so I busted it and it swelled up again? Well, the top of that tick fell off over the weekend, and now it looks more like a big ol boogie on the back of my wrist. I know, I’m a constant source of beauty in an otherwise dull world.


Also – how can someone spend time talking with another person and NOT tell them they have mascara smeared all under their eyes like a raccoon? I swear, some people don’t know how to help a girl out by just gently suggesting she might want to go refresh herself a little so as not to look like the first victim of the flippin’ zombie incursion! Sheesh!


In other news, I bought a bottle of grapeseed oil at the Sally’s beauty supply place the other day. I’ve been looking for a moisturizer that doesn’t have a smell and that I can also use on my hair after showering to keep the winter dryness from splitting the tips or just snapping the dry ends right off. After using it a couple of times, it’s clear that I made the right decision, even if it DID cost 8 bucks a bottle. NO smell, at all, it’s nice and light, sinks in fast, and does a great job on the frizzy hair. My legs, normally a wasteland of dry skin below the knees (again - I bring the glamour!), are nice and smooth now, the oil is great as a facial moisturizer, and the hair thing is clearly working out nicely. So, yay! Finally, a way to beat back the evil static demons that have run rampant through my closet and tresses this devilishly dry winter!

I’m digging on the Sally’s lately. You can buy FAKE HAIR there! Awesome. Also, there are about 10 times more options for the truly needy among us with, um, PROBLEM hair, and it’s a browser’s delight for things like fancy shower caps and smocks and fake eyelashes and custom haircolor and truly luxe eyebrow pencils.

What? You don’t shop for eyebrow pencils and squeal like a little piggy when you find one that not only is the just-right shade but also comes with a little brush attachment to get those brows in order? If you’re a girl, even a tomboyish girl like me, there are still a few girlie atoms floating around that once in a while collide and explode wee showers of femmedust all over us, making us coo and giggle over something like the perfect shade of lip stain or the best conditioner EVAR.

Don’t judge. I’m married to someone who has a favorite utility knife, so I KNOW you guys get surges of squee too, only for power tools or roller covers or cars or beer.

Hey - What’s made you squee lately? Do tell us about it (keep it clean, yo!), and I’ll see you around. It’s meetin’ time again.

Tiff out.

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