Monday, April 20, 2009

Tammie's second half

Picking up where we left off – the last question posed to Tammie at the end of the previous installment of her interview was this: what part of your body do you like the most?

Tammie: I like my eyes. They're very expressive and unique. I like the character wrinkles around the eyes and the dark rings that circle my irises. Even my eye doctor comments on my eyes. Check out my profile's a good one of my eyes.

me: I've seen it. From whom do they come - genetically speaking?

Tammie: I get the dark circles around the iris from my mother and her father's family. The eye color might come from my father. I don't really know what color eyes he has. I don't know much about him and what I do know is not very flattering, so who knows? He was adopted. I might even get the eye color from his parents.
He was adopted when he was six months old. His mother was listed as Swedish descent and there was nothing about his father. He and my mother were married a little before I was born. He went in the Air Force and was stationed in California. My mother and I joined him when I was six months old. I ended up coming home with my mother after he and she began to have problems. She'd leave me alone and go party. The old ladies who lived below us called my father's parents and told them. So my mother brought me home and left me with my grandparents and aunt.
Then she lived in Haight Ashbury for awhile.
My dad went AWOL with another guy and eventually ended up in a mental institution. That was once of two times he'd end up in one.
He moved to Maryland and remarried. I have a half sister from that marriage. I only met her eight years ago.

me: why was he instituted?

Tammie: He pleaded that he was insane.

me: were how old when your mama went out to party and left you alone?

Tammie: I was less than a year old

me: and how the hell have you not...pardon me...written a book about this by now?

Tammie: I don't know... Anyway, his second wife divorced him when she discovered he was exposing himself to teen girls he'd pick up hitch hiking

me: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Tammie: I lived with my grand parents and aunt for almost a year and half while my mother was being a hippy

me: she was how old?

Tammie: She was 19.

me: aw, shit

Tammie: My dad married a third time and that was the first time I met him. His wife was very nice and had a daughter from a previous marriage. He and his new wife had a daughter, my second step sister.
Then he embezzled money from his company

me: (still stunned,,,,)

Tammie: They left in the middle of the night and he didn't even tell me

me: amazing

Tammie: I had a relationship with him for maybe two years. Then he moved away and didn't tell me

me: in which time you saw the color of his eyes, I would presume

Tammie: After moving away he did something stupid and ended up in prison for 9 years

me: your daddy is not anyone I'd match with YOU

Tammie: Yeah, well neither is my mother.

me: do you sometime feel that it's your duty to be the leveling force?

Tammie: Yes. I've always felt like the parent. My mother relied on me a great deal when I was growing up. She and my first step dad had my brother together. I cared for my younger brother until he decided to stay with my grandparents. Then I became her care giver.
My brother never met his dad

me: sheepers. I'm lost. Your head must swim

Tammie: I think I did write about that in my blog one day when I was feeling the need to share. Complicated huh?

me: enough for three lifetimes…can we bounce?

Tammie: Yes...let's bounce!

me: OK! Wheeee!
Tammie: Boing Boing

me: OK - last question - spit...or swallow?

Tammie: HAHAHA!
swallow. It is one of the things I enjoy doing the most and I make sure to suck every single drop out...
Hahaha...I said suck

me: I once read in a Playboy magazine that good girls suck, but great girls swallow.

Tammie: I'm totally a pervert.
That's why we get along
It's great being one of the great ones, isn't it?

Our men as so lucky to have us
The first time I did it with Mr. Man, it hurt because I wasn't properly ready and when I told him to stop, he said, "Wait a minute. I'm going to turn the light on so I can see this."

me: ?!???!?!?!?!?!!?!!

Tammie: HAHAHA
It got better. Much better.

me: the hell! that' is hysterical!

Tammie: Uhhh...YES!

me: Woohoo!

Tammie: The next time we were properly lubed

me: no doubt.

Tammie: I will now type with my breasts...they're feeling left out
lkjsdalb kjhdghklfghl

me: (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) hahahahaahaaha!

Tammie: One is smaller than the other

me: dude - I'm crying. In envy. My boobs do nothing but sulk.

Tammie: The left one...hence the smaller word. My nipples look like cookies - sugar cookies. When I get cold me and my sugar cookies could bust through walls
me: HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry - Just came up with your dominatrix name: Mistress Snickedoodles
Tammie: HAHAHA I will make your doodle snicker mister. Fifty whacks to the pee pee
Whappity slap!
me: Uh - mister I ain't, but I'm confident your skills are legendary
Tammie: Sorry...I was reliving the role play with Mr. Man last Sunday morning on the porch
We have to give the Jesus police something to pray about. They're on their way to church you know
me: holy god, let me be half as satisfied as that heathen
Tammie: Nothing like witnessing a good titty whipping to fire up the spirit!
me: I seem to have turned into something of a churchgoer myself but would NEVER EVER not take a peek at a rambunctious fuck on the front porch God made us to ENJOY, daggone it
Tammie: Amen sister
me: I find myself therefore a churchy pervert.
Tammie: A churchy that like a generous republican?
me: hysterical!
Tammie: I'm much more spontaneous after a few drinks
me: how many is a few?
Tammie: I'm not sure...two or eleven: I loosen up after a couple and then I get kind of wild after that
although I'm sure you don't believe I could be wild
Tammie: I like to have fun sometimes and clothes get in my way
me: you need to come on over for a cocktail
Tammie: I think we'd have a great time
Tammie: Yes! Mr. Man would LOVE that!
me: There are really old dead people everywhere! And....shells...and....muskets?
Tammie: Elderly Hellions?
me: There are probably some civil war veterans someplace around here
Tammie: I can handle the old men. It's the old woman who hate me
me: there are no old women in Raleigh. NONE
Tammie: I'm so freakin happy! I'll be right down
me: YAY!
Tammie: I really had fun with this interview
me: Me too - time to put it to bed?
Tammie: It was probably more serious than you wanted but I had a good time being spontaneous with it
I think Miss KIA has homework
me: Not more serious. I had no plans.....
and you have a life
Tammie: Night!


And that? Is it. Oh, I took out some bits that were largely just semi-drunken ramblings, corrected a few typos, and deleted stuff that was flat-out stupid (all my own contributions, it must be stressed), but pretty much 90% of our 2-ghour conversation has been transcribed here for your reading, and learning, enjoyment.


Now, I must go. Y'all have a grand day!

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