Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Hold this spot.

Seriously, HOLD IT.

Get a grip on them ol' short hairs, and hang on y'all. The spot is hard to handle. Why, generations of bronc busters have meet their doom trying to ride that spot for 8 seconds only, what makes you think you are any better than them?

Y'all work on that. I'm working on a Wordsmiths story that I'm trying VERY HARD to be bereft of death.

So far? Not working. So far, in various stories, I've killed off 1 grandpa, 1 daughter, a young boy, a lost love, and perhaps any confidence I have of ever writing something in which horrible things do NOT happen to perfectly acceptable people.

Which is kind of awful, given that the picture prompt for this challenge is this:

Simply screams death, does it not?

Don't answer.

I'll be back later, after I resist killing off some other innocent. Or a thousand of 'em, such is my hidden rage.

*(if you're interested in writing a 500-word story about this picture, there's still time. I have it on good account that the moderators are....unprepared. I blame myself for this. Feel free to join in the chorus. AFTER YOU WRITE SOMETHING).

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