Friday, April 24, 2009

Go, Hug.

My goodfriend Wordnerd needs a bit of support for the blogly community today as she says goodbye to her wonderful doggie buddy Champ. Please go visit her and tell her (even if you don't know her, in which case I'd have to ask 'why not?') that you understand and that you'll be thinking of her, because you should, and you darn well ought to.


I have decided that thee best way to get through a workday is to simply walk around with a nice cup of coffee chatting up everyone I've never met before. Heck, with the acquisition there's a built-in topic of conversation with EVERYONE here now. The chatting has made the last 90 minutes just FLY by - awesome! It might be a totally douchey maneuver, but hell, it beats lurking in my lonely lil' corner listening to the Statistician scrape the bottom of his thermos for the last bits of whatever noodle dish he's brought for lunch today while simultaneously being aurally assaulted by the Pharter's prodigious crunchy-food chewing and phlegm-hacking skillz.

Talking to strangers > listening to other people eat/cough/exist. Significance level somewhere around p = 0.0001.


Someone needs to tell Paula Deen that her 'dumplings' are really just big ol' noodles. TASTY big ol' noodles, yes, paticularly when cooked in an all-day chicken broth, but noodles nonetheless.

Is this NORMAL? Aren't dumplings supposed to be, well, dumpy? Help me out here folks, for I am a dumpling novice who is momentarily disillusioned.

(Whatever else you might believe, please do NOT tell me that biscuits = dumplings, as seems to be the case for at least one 'easy recipe' I found. To clarify, we're not discussing the Bisquick kind of biscuits, those might be OK; I'm talking the flaky flaky layers kind of biscuits. That's just sick and wrong, because we ALL know those go on top of Shephard's Pie. Right?)


Food talk. Yeeah. It's Friday. Didn't we used to snark headlines around here on Fridays? I think I recall soemthing about that. How in times past there was something 'funny' about NAY on Fridays, a little chucklepath toward the weekend's promise of debauchery. It's a vague memory, to be sure, but I do think I recall something along those lines. Let's give it a go for old times' sake, shall we?

Mexico City suspends schools over flu epidemic

Thousands of screaming children beg to be returned to earth.

Pakistani Taliban pull back to Swat stronghold

Are said to be readying to spank a castle next.

Federal agency spurs people to adopt wild horses

Get it? Spurs?


Y'all feel free to do better. I'm fresh out of time here...there's a new guy over in QA I haven't talked with yet. Time's a wastin' if I'm to get in a good chat before my afternoon coffee break. This hectic workaday schedule is KILLER!

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