Friday, December 14, 2007

Something to chew on.

So, were you expecting a blog update today?

Me too!

Is late better than never, I wonder? If so, great, and if not, I don’t want to know, because I’m updating anyhow and really don’t want anybody telling me that they simply do not care and that I shouldn’t have bothered, because that would be hurtful and it’s almost Christmas and we should all be wonderful and loving and giving and receptive to the little gifts that others offer.

Like nasty cookies.

Yes, there's a story. See, a client company sent my company a “thank you” box o’ goodies for the holidays. It was pretty, with lots of little individually wrapped boxes, festive holographic excelsior, a lovely basket, and a glittery greeting card. I was invited to pick a box from the remaining few – there was a paperback-sized black one, a purple one, and a larger silvery one.

Naturally, I took the black one. With great anticipation I ripped open the paper, unhinged the box, tore open the bag inside, and was grateful to see COOKIES! Woo! Cookies! Chocolate with white chocolate chips innem, which made me forget myself and dig right into one (but not before offering one to my boss, who was the one who made me pick a prezzie in the first place).

Ah, how my lips did long for the sweet reward of a good cookie. How my tummy did yearn for a choice morsel of cookiegrandeur on which to churn, how my senses did suddenly WANT to embrace the delectability of a yummy nummy cookie.

Alas, the cookie was icky. Too salty, not enough chocolate, and dry as an anthill. Bleah.

Because of the ick, I won’t eat any more of them. Bad cookies are a waste of time. But what to do with the ones that remain? I don’t believe in just throwing food away, even if it IS icky. Do you think that birds and squirrels would like them? Should I chuck ‘em out in the yard when I get home and hope that the neighborhood isn’t full of rampaging skunks looking for a sweet treat and finding my wee backyard a place of wonderment?

Your thoughts are welcome.


This one is short, for I have a very boring life and thus am reduced to talking about gross cookies.

It was either that or chat about the McDonald’s Southern Style Ranch Chicken samlich I had for lunch, which was lovely. Even without the bun it was lovely.

Hey, I had to save room for the cookie. ;)

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