Thursday, December 27, 2007

Milquetoast and white cheese.

Hey y’all!

I’m still here! NO ceilings fell in on my head, and the sun is out, and the Things are here at the office with me while I download stuff off the shared drive. We just had lunch at the company cafeteria, I ran into someone I know who is married to someone who works here, and my goodness but it’s nice to not get a zillion e-mails every day.

Everybody but me and a few other folks have taken this week off.

They must have vacation accrued, is what I’m thinking.

Me? Not so much. Eh, no matter. I can park the boys in the empty cube next to me, they can play their new handheld gaming devices, and I can actually get some stuff done before utter and complete boredom sets in for the under-20 crowd.

I happen to know from prior experience that utter boredom takes about 30 minutes to fully develop, but utter and COMPLETE boredom takes far longer. At least 90 minutes. If you consider that we just took a 45 minute lunch break after being here for only 45 minutes, then I figure that I have at most an hour to get stuff down off the shared drives before needing to distract the youngins with something shiny.

Hey! A trip to the game store might work. They each got a HUGE freaking gift card for Christmas, and it’s burning a hole in their pockets.

(OK, before the semantics cops arrive, let me just say that the gift card itself isn’t huge. The amount on it is. You know what? If I’d gotten a gift card worth 50 bucks back in the day I’d have thought I’d died and gone to heaven; except I’m pretty old and so adjusting for inflation I’m thinking that their 50 would be worth a tenner of my youth, which might explain why their heads didn’t explode when they opened that particular prezzie, but 10 bucks in my youth was STILL a lot of money and so there my argument still holds that it’s huge. Just not in size. Moving on.)

As I’ve grown accustomed to saying lately, I have not generated a whole lot of news today. I try to think of things to write about here, but unless you’d like a free-for-all brain dump, things are going to be fairly thin at NAY for the next little while I’m afraid. I should change that. I should generate some news, or have some drama, or go on a big trip, or win the lottery, or, oh, I don’t know, do SOMETHING so that I hold y’all’s interest.

But….what? I’m a pretty boring old broad. I mean, it’s not like I experienced any huge life changes this year. It’s not like I left a marriage, moved out, bought a house, and got a new JOB or anything. THAT shit happens to people who are exciting and who are living life on the ragged edge of disaster!

Heh. I crack me up sometimes. Whee!


Not sure what to think about the assassination of Bhuto. It's important, of that there is no doubt, but I can't help but wonder if she KNEW this was going to happen once she set foot on home soil again. Her time there has NOT been easy. Could she have seen this coming? Would she have shied away from the challenge? How did she hope to lead the opposition in a country and region so rife with danger and extremism?

54 years old. Former Prime Minister. Exile. Repatriated. Opposition leader.

That woman knew how to generate news.


Have a great rest-o-the-day folks. I’m out, and headed to the game store, no doubt. I hear rumblings of ‘boy’ in the next cube over….and that's almost never a good thing.

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