Monday, November 20, 2006

So late I might as well not bother

Dag - it's almost lunchtime, and no post. I'm totally off my game here.

I blame it all on an unexpected phone call, Blogger balkiness, a series of interesting IM sessions, and that little thing known as "work" that consistently messes with my happy little world in which I am fully in charge and no-one dast question my time or motives or productivity.

("dast" may not actually be a word, BTW.)

So, let's make this a quick one, just to get one in the bag...

First - the quest for fitness is rolling along - another session in the pool yesterday (half hour of swim time, and no I have no idea how far I went because I spent a good deal of time "thinking" about the nice looking guy 2 lanes over who looked a LOT like an old boyfriend, and when I say that that kind of reminiscing can actually make you forget to count lanes I hope you know what I mean.) No Chinese lady on Sundays, apparently. Also, on Saturday I think I went up and down our ONE flight of stairs approximately a billionty times, so that counts too. Today is a day off, except for the ball-sitting/crunching/balancing I'm going to do this afternoon, which is really more FUN than fitness so I don't count that, really, unless I pull something, and then by God you'd best believe I'm counting it.

Second - I have not bought my T-day bird yet. I'm waiting for prices to drop to 25 cents a pound. I don't know why.

Third - There's hardly a reason for a third, now is there? What with "first" and "second" coming in like a load of unseasoned compost (that's "horse crap" to all y'all who don't know from gardening), it's not likely that "third" is going to send you into raptures, do you think?

However, because good things (and, apparently, things in general) come in threes, I will submit that on Wednesday the inaugural meeting of the Raleigh area blogger association is planning to meet for lunch. Well, OK, it's not ALL the bloggers in the Raleigh area, and not even all the ones I KNOW of, but two other bloggers you may know and I are planning a little something that involves midday prandialisms, and will likely be so awesome that it's likely that the weather in the Triangle will take a turn for the Arctic what with all the coolness going on.

If YOU'RE in the Raleigh area and have a blog (even secret ones that you tell nobody about!) and want to show up and meet us three fi-YINE ladies for lunch, let me know and we'll make the reservations fit the size of the interest. I promise, you WON'T be disappointed.

That's it y'all. I've GOT to go get some stuff done. More tomorrow on the fitness quest and my search for cheap turkey.

(By Gods, if THAT doesn't make you wish it were tomorrow already, I can't imagine what would!!)

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