Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Let's get this over with

Dudes! Good morning!

I know. Another early post!

Ya wanna know WHY? Hmmm, do ya?

Three ugly words - Meetings.All.Day.

All daggone day. One from 9-10, one from 10-4 (!), on from 2-3 (damn!), and one at 2:30 (double damn!). Tell me how I'm gonna do that without a timeturner. I'm still trying to parse it out.

Eh - they're mostly all telecons, during which I sit in my office and do other "stuff," like read blogs and sift through paperwork and daydream while waiting for my part of the agenda to arrive, at which point I unmute my phone, say the two necessary words, and go back to patently ignoring what everyone else is talking about.

My life = Xtreme Xcitement.

However, today's meetings might actually involve my involvement, so I can't say for sure if I'm going to have the time needed to write a post of even dubious quality (as they all are)!

Therefore, straight from my kitchen table to you comes today's EARLY blog post, complete with really bad semi-adult joke. Feel free to giggle about this throughout your day and think of me, the one who's in meetings All.Day.Long.

"I heard about hits Hawaiian King who had 300 children."

"300 kids? Whoa - what was his name?"


(I'd Audioblog it so you can get it the first time, but I haven't signed up for any new service now that Audioblogger is no more. Sniff sniff.)


Also, I'm thinking about getting one of those enormous exercise balls for an altenate office chair. How much fun would THAT be? Despite my ample natural padding in the buttal area, it's simply no match for a full day of sitting, which is, sadly, what I do because I'm an office worker.

But the big ball! Woooo! Bouncy! Sproingy! Tippy! Fun!

In a former life I used to take "ball classes" (that sounds dirty, but it's not) to get my workout, and y'all, if you've never been there, don't mock. That's some HARD shizznit right there. I would challenge any one of you to sit yo butt on that ball, take your feet off the ground, and balance. Or, try doing push-ups with your feet on the ball (for those of us less spectacularly muscular or coordinated, knees on the ball is fine). Or, do situps on the ball.

Because, y'all, that ball ROLLS, and you've got to stay on top of it, or risk a slow topple over into an awkward heap on the floor in front of your classmates, who, if they've got any sense at all, are contemplating how to get OUT of the next ball class because it's the hardest damn thing they've ever done.....ever!

Ball class = pain and humiliation.

Ball class also = the strongest daggone core (torso and major stabilizing muscle groups) I've ever had.

I recall one happy day in ball class, as some spectacularly muscular classmates were balancing on their KNEES on the ball and "dancing" to the techno music, I actually sat on the ball, lifted both feet off the floor, and BALANCED. For a whole minute! Oh yes, I wobbled, oh yes, I grimaced, oh yes, I waved my arms around like I was bringing in an airplane to the gate, but I balanced, and life was very very good.

As a bonus, my spectacularly muscular classmates cheered for me. Happy day! I was, at last, one of "them," or, at the very least, not a complete and total embarrassment anymore. I could balance, and life was very good indeed.

So yeah, I'm thinking about getting a big ball for work.

And probably some padding for my desk. At least until I can balance again.

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