Sunday, November 12, 2006

My excuse

Though I have totally and completely failed to make good on the NaBloPoMo thang, I have done something very much better with my time the past few days than bore y'all by posting inanities just to fill an unofficial official quota.

What's better than that?


(This is the view from our hotel room window.....)

Here, at MP 7 on the OBX (Outer Banks), NC.

Instead of staying home and being responsible adults and crossing off many items on a to-do list a bazillion entries long, what did we do this weekend?

Drive to the OBX without a room reservation, hoping to make the most of a summer weekend in November flying by the seat of our pants.

Conditions: 77 degrees and sunny Fri/Sat. A nice breeze. Hot sun. A must-do kind of forecast.

Activities: Finding a room (made almost impossible because the OBX marathon was being run today - oopsie!). Once that was accomplished, there was: Fishing. Eating. Running straight down the side of the huge dune at Jockey's Ridge. Dinner with Thing 2 at Awful Arthur's while Dad and Thing 1 zoned to the teevee. Feeding the seagulls right from our hotel balcony. Giving the kids free reign over the pier game room (unsupervised! a first!).

Pluses: The indoor pool. Delivery pizza. Thing 2 swimming, unassisted, in the deep end (another first!). Free breakfast. Crashing waves. Unimpeded views. Cool damp sand.
Sea air.

Bottmom line: Highly recommended.

Had a wonderful time. Wished you were there.

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