Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Something different

I started my day as I usually do, by throwing around a few work e-mails, then taking a stroll through the blogs I like to read and then reading my select list of comics on Yahoo, and then looking at the news photos.

Not very exciting fodder for a blog entry, you say?

You're right, but I've never let that stop me before, and it shan't this time either. Because today, I had an inspiration for something new on this blog - something interesting, maybe, and certainly something colorful -

My favorite pictures of the day.

As I have mentioned here before, I'm married to a photojournalist-turned-commercial photographer. One of the first things I learned from him is that "a good news photo should tell a story."

So, I wonder what stories these photos are telling? Shall we fill in the blanks?

"Man, that was some mighty fine tater salad!"

"Say, Bugsy, you don't get me the most tenderest shoots by noon tahmarrah I'll send my boys ovah to say hello to ya kneecaps, see?"

"Hi, I'm Louie Rukuyser, and I like swimming, grooming my body hair, and reading about finance. Call me at #5543 and we can talk about co-mingling our assets, if you know what I mean."

"Hi, I'm Jasmine. I'm a 22-year old model with long blonde hair and a BIG appetite for life. Call me at #5542 and we'll talk about my gigantic breasts."



Driving home yesterday afternoon I saw 2 baby Canada Geese running for their lives across 4 lanes of highway. Tiny little fuzzy yellow bodies with stubby little fuzzy "arms" stuck out for balance, the hot macadam must have been hurting their poor little webbed feet. If I hadn't been hurtling along at 60 MPH with a cast of thousands of other commuters, I would have stopped and picked them up, like I do for turtles that are stuck in the middle of the road. (I also throw worms back into the lawn if I see them on the sidewalk struggling for protection from the sun and dryness.) But come on, ya'll, even though these were wee fluffy baby geese, and cute as could be, I couldn't endanger my life and the lives of everyone who would have piled into the back of my car if I'd slammed on brakes to rescue them. People around here are hell bent on getting HOME after work, and would not take kindly to me risking their lives to save two morsels of fluff from being turned into gosling-goo. I didn't want to be the lead story on the nightly news, and so maintained course and speed.

Still, I almost turned around to go back to "save" them, but realized that by the time I did that they'd be looong gone. I therefore tortured myself by spending a good deal of time wondering where their parents were, and hoping like crazy that the road crew toward whom the poor orphans were running had the good sense to pick them up and try to find out to whom they belonged.

Just plaster "Big Sap" across my forehead now. I know I deserve it. It all started about 44 years ago and it shows no signs of abating...



I might be scarce here for the next little while. I'm getting into another very very very busy period at work and at home (still with the house thing! I know!), and I think this time it might suck the will to blog out of me for a few days.


As if.

See you tomorrow.


rennratt said...

When you get ready to move, let me know. We can take the seats out of the van...

If you are worried about baby geese, come to my office. A family of them lives outside one of our offices. They spend the day walking - single file - back and forth past the sup't. office windows!

You aren't a sap; you're tenderhearted...and that is rare.

Chelle said...

Not a sap. A awesome person who cares about babies.... all babies.

Love the pics. Perfect titles.