Thursday, May 04, 2006

If this is how your day starts, start over

Here's how it went at Casa Teef this morning:

Alarm clock at 6. No surprise there. No great LOVE for it either, but there you go.
Shuffle over to the coffee pot to get 'er going, and realize that today is 2 days past that birthday of one of your favorite people in the whole world, and you didn't send anything or commemorate the day in ANY FASHION WHATSOEVER and now feel like a schmuck.

Promise yourself to do something once you get to work.

While starting up the computer so child #2, who is now awake, can look up what year the 3-light traffic signal was invented (yes, you heard that right), hear a fizzing popping noise from the corner where the coffee pot is, and realize that the pot itself was never actually put UNDER the outflow, and now there's coffee and grounds flowing out the top of the filter basket and onto the counter and floor and maybe starting some kind of bad electrical appliance/electricity reaction that can only wind up with something exploding into flames.....

So you:

Quickly put the coffee pot under the filter basket in an attempt to contain the mess and possible conflagration, and throw a bunch of dishtowels on the rest to sop up what threatens to flood the silverware drawer.

Then, it's best, I think, to look at child 2 and exclaim "let's try that again, shall we?" and press your mental rewind button quickly so the whole episode is forgot as rapidly as possible.

Yes, if that's the kind of morning you had, it's usually best to just start over.


Now, to the whole birthday thing I forgot.

This is for you, Q!


The above is kind of a joke, there's a reason for it. Anyone care to take a guess?

Q - Please accept this celebration of you as a person and of you getting yet ANOTHER year older, in the spirit in which it was intended. You should know that I feel very badly indeed for forgetting to remark on this event on the actual anniversary of your natal day. But here's a little happy birthday thought for you: you're now twice as old as you were when you were first allowed to drink legally.

No need to thank me. I got there before you, youngster.


OK - because these entries are getting more and more fractured as time goes on, let me close this one out with a complete shift in topic to talk about movies.

We watched "Capote" last night, and all's I can say is that dude sure seems like he was a mean little sucker. Completely duplicitous, completely selfish.

But, even though I didn't care for the character so much, the film was wonderful. So well acted, so gorgeously shot and paced and lit and written, that I stayed up past my bedtime to watch all of it. I'm certainly to be among the legions of people who will run right out to get "In Cold Blood" and read what he wrote, looking for the brilliant writing and edgy content that started a whole generation along another expressive path.

Plus, I think I'll pick up a copy of "To Kill a Mockingbird" while I'm at the bookstore. That sounds pretty interesting too.

Anything else I should pick up while I'm there, except a deep sense of shame that I've never read these books before?


Hey, fun! I got 15 of 20 correct. I was hoping for more.


Anonymous said...

You will NOT be sorry you got To Kill A Mockingbird. Incredible, incredible book.

Interestingly enough, I've been rereading that very book the past couple of weeks -- Mr. Cool's lit class is covering that book right now, so while he was working, I got to re-read! A real treat. See the movie, also, if you haven't yet.

tiff said...

Do you think having kids in HS reading great classics of literature is a huge waste of time?

I know I read Heart of Darkness and countless Shakespeare plays in HS, and don't remember anything but the most vague things for any of them.

Just wondering.

mr. schprock said...

I've read them both and recommend them. I've read a couple of other Capote books, but I like "In Cold Blood" the best.

I'll definitely see "Capote" soon.

Chelle said...

I go through paranoia for about a week with the coffee pot after I forget to place under the thingamabob. I check the damn thing at least twice during that week to make sure I will have coffee.

I don't know about HS lit classes. I reread some of the stories again after I graduated like Hamlet and Ivanhoe. Good question.

Suburban Turmoil said...

1) I have done that with a coffee maker more than once, I'm ashamed to admit.

2) I am dying to see "Capote." It's one of those films I haven't heard anyone say they didn't like. Have you seen "Crash?" It too is amazing.

rennratt said...

While you are at the bookstore, grab a copy of 'A Girl Named Zippy' by Haven Kimmel. It may not be a classic, but it SHOULD be.

Same goes for 'Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress' by Susan Jane Gillman.

Anonymous said...

I love the film adaptation of Capote's "A Christmas Memory", with Geraldine Page as his eccentric aunt. It's so beautiful!!

tiff said...

Mr S - this weekend is as good a time as any.

MMM3 - thank goodness it's not just me.

Lucinda - no shame! And I haven't seen "Crash." I'm not much on intense movies....but think I need to buck up and get involved.

Renn - cool! New bookage! When will have have lunch to discuss? :>

Kim - haven't seen it. No surprise there, I'm sure.

rennratt said...

You choose. I actually have both books and would be more than happy to share!

Anonymous said...

Renn - erm - uh, I'll take the one with the prettier cover? ;>

rennratt said...

Oh, you can have both at once! I meant you choose when 'n where for LUNCH! Inventory time is cranking up around my parts - so if I don't SCHEDULE lunch, I don't generally take it these days. [Inventory is MY baby...]