Tuesday, April 07, 2009

March (shush, I KNOW it's April) Wordsmiths

Hey Dad – while everyone else is playing mini-golf, want to go down to the dock and watch the sunset?

Sure honey. Let’s fix a highball first. Want a 7 and 7?

Sounds good - diet 7 for mine please

Coming right up

It’s hard to believe we’ve been coming here for almost 30 years, you know? Shoot, I’m older than mom was when she and bro first found this lake.

You’re kidding.

Nope. It’s been 29 years. I remember Mom saying that ‘she’d found the place we were going to go on vacation next year.' Seems impossible that it’s been that long.

I’m having a hard time with you being as old as your mother. You’re always going to be my little girl.

Heh – yeah, I know. When I look the kids I can’t believe they’re almost all grown up. Amazing what happens when a few years pass.

I hardly recognize them anymore. I guess I still think of them as babies.

Me too. It’s hard to see that armpit hair!

They have girlfriends yet?

Nah – neither is really interested right now.

Do their friends?

Only a couple. The kids are in the geeky crowd, just like I was when I was their age. It’s a pretty sure bet that they’re late bloomers, just given that fact.

Heh – they’ll get around to it.

Later rather than sooner is fine. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I was their age.

Shoot, I felt that way for about 50 years.

Do NOT tell me that. I’d like to think of you as pretty together.

OK, forget I mentioned it.

What has been heard cannot be unheard, dad.

It can be forgotten though. Just like the sound of someone’s voice when you haven’t heard from them in a long time.

Do you have someone like that?

Yeah, my Dad. He died when I was so young, that I can hardly remember what he looked like, much less what he sounded like. That German accent though…you remember your grandmother’s accent?

Yep. Her and her aching ‘chawbones.'

That’s it. When I think of my Dad’s voice, I have to put that accent on there or I draw a complete blank.

Ha! It’s like you and your New York City accent, with the ‘finguh in da bah-ul.’

Eins, zwei, drei, ve vill come put aus deine eye!


Heh, ve haff veys of makink you tock!

Ya, mein fahtti!

Who you calling fat?


Hey, would you look at that sunset!

It’s gorgeous.

Just like you, honey.

Aw thanks Dad.

Jo tipped her head to where her father’s shoulder would have been if he had actually been there. She sighed, wishing she could honestly say she remembered his voice. As she got up to leave, she caught a faint whiff of Old Spice and Wintergreen Lifesavers, ‘his’ smell.

Nice talking to ya dad. I love you.

I love you too, sweetie.

The tears in her eyes were as bright as her smile.


Yesterday would have been my Dad's 77th birthday. I still talk to him, just like this. Sometimes I miss him more than I think should still be possible, nearly 18 years after his death...

He never did meet my kids.

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