Thursday, December 20, 2007

The midmorning smorgasbord

Dudes – I’m having green tea and toffee for my 10 a.m. (‘not-quite-elevenses’) snack.

I happen to think that this combination is just about perfect. Why, the sugar is a little energy boost, the antioxidants in BOTH the chocolate and the tea are going to help me reverse the all-too-apparent effects of aging, and the ‘cachectins’ in the tea are going to keep residual hunger at bay.

Mmm, cachectins.


Kingfisher is on a roll. Check out his ‘
9 Christmas Facts’ post, y’all, and tell him I sent you!

It’s just about perfect, is what it is.


Tracy Lynn has been running some guests posts at KaplyInc as a build-up to the Big C, and they have all been excellent. Go on over THERE, read some posts by folks with whom you might not be familiar (grammar Nazis, back off!), and comment your little hearts out.

The Christmas Haiku by Mr Fab alone is worth the visit, but scroll down through all the recent posts, and you’ll find our buddy
Renn there too! Her Chachi’s got a snarky bone, y’all.


Despite my enthusiasm for cachectins, I must say that green tea tastes like swampwater. Not only THAT, but it’s cloudy, and therefore LOOKS like swampwater too. Maybe the cloudiness is all them there cachectins floatings around, or maybe the cachectins are actually just floccing that the green tea people put in the green tea to make it as unappetizing as possible, thereby turning off your hunger mechanisms because it looks for all the world like you’re drinking swampwater, which as we all know is not something that normal people do if they’re not on ‘Fear Factor’ or ‘Jackass.’

Plus which, it’s HOT swampwater.

I feel younger and thinner already.


Going to go see TSO tonight. Renn made me.

There will be stories tomorrow, of that you can be sure.


Also? I am a curling ribbon and shiny bow MAVEN! Every single daggone present I’ve wrapped thus far has had some kind of glittery decoration applied thereto, except for the stocking stuffer gifts (which, contrary to one of Kingfisher’s 9 truths did NOT come from the 99 cent store), because the stocking gifts get ripped open before breakfast, when vision is blue and blurry and the proper appreciation for a well-wrapped gift is not possible.

I like the shiny bows and such. I’m even color-coordinating the gift tags to the wrapping paper, AND giving each person in my immediate family their OWN roll of paper in which I am wrapping their gifts, so iff’n they’re smart they’ll be able to tell which ones are theirs just by looking at the paper.

Me so clevah.

Which leads me to ask a question: are y’all the highly organized Christmas morning kind of people or are you the ‘free-for-all’ tear-it-up kind of folks?

If you know me even the least little bit you won't be surprised to find out that I’m from a highly organized family. The long-standing tradition was that we would get up, gather together in a bedroom (so nobody could sneak downstairs before anyone else), go out to the tree as a group to oooh and aaah, and THEN go open stockings.

Then have a big breakfast.

THEN open gifts. One.At.A.Time.

As a kid, the present opening could easily take until mid-afternoon to finish. My Mom was and is a terrific gift-getter, and usually wound up with lots more than she thought she’d bought. “An embarrassment of riches” was typical….. We’d have to break for eggnog, open more gifts, go have lunch, open more gifts, and then be ready for dessert before it was all over with and the giant piles of cast-off paper were gathered up, the mounds of gifts arranged under the tree, and the afternoon nap contemplated.

That’s a little much for me, so I’ve kept the organizational bit to the big day, but pared down the actual NUMBER of gifts. Our Christmas morning tends to be over sometime in the actual morning itself, which is about as much jolly as I can stand without wanting a cocktail.

How about y’all? Do tell, won't you?

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