Friday, August 03, 2007

A few quick things

Today promises to be busier than yesterday, but I'm not in a drawing mood to try to explain how "up to my ass in alligators" I am, so a few words will have to suffice.


First go to Wordsmiths Unlimited and have a read of some very fine writing by some very fine authors. As a co-moderator of the Wordsmiths, I'm extremely pleased to have had such robust participation in this second month of the Wordsmiths V2.0. My thanks to all who wrote for us, and an invitation to all who did not write to do so next month.


Second, I almost lost the cat this morning. With the Things careering around the house, leaving doors open, going in and out, etc., I wasn't able to keep track of the little duo-tone feline, and had a bit of a panicked moement when, as we were ready to leave the house to get to school, I couldn't find Albert.

So I looked in the refrigerator.

Wouldn't YOU?


The person around the corner from me uses the Star-Spangled Banner as his cell phone ring tone.

I think this is disrespectful. I don't know why. I also don't know why he doesn't stand the heck UP when his phone rings. For some reason, this bugs me.


That same person has had no less than four assisstants in the past year. This tells me something about him. It's not flattering.


There's a picnic after work tonight for all the folks in the ol' medical writing group. I was tasked with bringing water balloons.

Question for ya: do you take already-filled water balloons to a party, or would you hope like crazy that there's a spigot someplace?

If full, how the heck do you transport them? I need to know, people, because if I've got to fill them up I'm going to be in heap big trubs, timewise. I bought a couple hundred of the suckers, and because I know me, I will feel compelled to fill every last ONE of them. That might take some time.

Well, the Things DID use about 20 last night, just as a quality assurance check, so maybe I can cut 10 minutes off the filling time if I'm obligated to provide "prefilled" aqua bombs.


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd CUT! Gotta go do some training. Then I've GOT to get back to work. It's a nuthouse here, and I'm the chief NUT.

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