Sunday, November 05, 2006

I said I would, and so have done, so far

NaBloPoMo is going to kick my ass.

I'ts 5:30 on a Sunday afternoon, I should be relaxing, and yet, I am doing the bloggie thing out of a sense of obligation for a thing that I have not even signed UP for!

Gah! I'm such a JOINER! Even in my HEAD!

RIght now, in my kitchen, it's cozy, we've had a bizzeeeeee weekend here with cousins dashing to and fro and cooking being engaged in and lots and lots of talking, and on a NORMAL weekend I'd be headed deep into a new magazine as a form of escape because it's cocktail hour and it's dark outside, and yet....


So, fine. Here we do be goin'.

- Thing 1 learned to blow bubble with bubble gum today. Yay!

- WalMart was crowded today with a capital "k," and I'm not kidding. A 35-minute wait in line is ever so much easier with a new Enquirer in one's hands. Also, it's cool now because any child that accompanies me is going to be the "reading" variety and not the "fall on the floor screaming" variety. Sweet!

- I've learned that just because I inflict house rules on young visitors doesn't mean they'll hate me for it.

- I quite like knowing that. Makes me feel more "adult."

- Our kitchen chairs are FAR too hard for prolonged sitting sessions. Anyting over about 30 minutes will result in buttal numbage. I have been here 35 minutes. I wonder what will happen when I try to stand up.

- As a corollary to the previous point, there's a "Mythbusters" marathon on teevee today, and I must go to watch it. Jamie (Hi, baby!) awaits, and if for some odd reason he shuns me I shall have Adam. It is the way of things; I can't fight this feeling anymore.

Allrightie, this is not the world's most inspired post, and yet, it is a post, and thus I press on in search of the fortitude necessary to post every single day for a whole month, which right now I'm glad isn't 31 days.

They should do this NaBloPoMo shizz in February, is all I'm saying.

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