Monday, October 23, 2006

In which I declare almost complete happiness

Over at the Monkeybarn, there are some spooky things happening! Not one, but TWO awesome starts to serialized stories.

Check out the first part of "Nighty Nightmare" here

Check out the first part of "The Celery Stalks at Midnight" here.

One installment a day for each of these stories will be issued throughout this week as a run-up to Hallowe'en. You don't want to miss them, because they shall make you pleased indeed if you've got any kind of appreciation for the creativity and mad writing skillz of others!

(And, you know you get over the jealous/envy/sloth thing and click over there and be HAPPY that these people love you enough to write spooky stories for you!)


Here's he thing that prompted the title of this post:

Some of you who know me know that I have "issues" with clothing.

Issues like, I HATE the following: tags in the neckline, tight collars, turtlenecks, polyester, tight sleeves, tight shoulder seams, waistbands that cut into soft belly flesh, capris, wool, pantyhose, pinchy shoes, sleeveless shirts, anything crepe, etc. etc.

These issues have pretty much left me way out in left field when it comes to fashion. (Notice I did not say style, because style and fashion are 2 verrrry different things. I have style, plenty of it, but it's not very fashionable).

My issues with clothing afford me a limited range of options when it comes to what lands in my cloest, and even fewer options when it comes to those items that STAY in my closet.

To wit:I can fit all of my clothing, all seasons of it, in my half of our closet, all at once (granted, it's a wl-in, but it ain't palatial). I do not need to rotate my clothing, for what's there is worn almost all year. I have 5 pairs of pants, only one of which is exclusively for cooler weather. I have about 12 shirts that I like enough to continue wearing. I have several skirts, none of which I've worn in the last 4 months (and most of them are for summer only because they're gauzy and light and look better than shorts if I have to go out when it's hot and don't want to look like "Ropy, the Varicose Girl." Plus, the canklage.....oy.)

So it is with pleasure that I announce 2 new additions to my wardrobe. Yes, 2! Woo-hoo!

I am the PROUD owner of 2 long-sleeved mini-rib scoop-neck tees; one in brick red and one turquiose. Tees so soft and supple that they feel like I'm not wearing anything at all. Tees with a generous neck opening and sleeves long enough for my gorrilla-length arms and shoulders that fit my Valkyrie-esque proportions and enough "fit" to show off the fantasy-inspiring boobage without being so tight it looks like I'm a desperate former starlet whose only remaining assests come in a D-cup and by God you better look at them right now because I'm overdue for that second facelift and it's not so pretty above the neck like it used to be!

What's better than that?

I'll tell you what.

They were 5 dollars each.

Freaking sweet. I cannot belive I hesitated, even for one MOMENT, in buying them. I almost didn't, thinking they would be "right." What a shame that would have been.

Now I'm planning to hit the OTHER WalMarts in the area (oh yes, I did buy clothes at Wally World! Don't hate.) to scoop up whatever colors they might have, because y'all, the sad fact is that I bought the LAST TWO of these tees at my local mega-merchandizer and lord, I need more than just those 2. Many many more.

If I find more, I may never wear anything else again.


Oh, and the baking frenzy continues!!!!! Yes, the Tiff stood firm in her autumn-inspired baking efforts (and the additional effort of using up all the apples we picked on vacation), and turned out two luscious homemade apple pies yesterday afternoon.

Plus a roast chicken.

And sauteed yellow squash with fresh basil.

But, back to the pies - my goodness, the things I learned! I found out that putting in TWICE the amount of sugar necessary into a "regular" apple crumb pie (oopsie!) will cause it to overflow a tremendous molten stream of apple syrup, which is hella difficult to clean up if you're not smart enough to line the baking sheet you've put the pie on with foil (did that make sense?). So, don't do that. I also learned that the recipe for "sour cream apple crumb pie" that I scarfed up from "" makes a pie so damned good it's, it's, it's, well, I don't know what it is except that it's sensual goodness in a tender crust that makes one wonder if this is the kind of food that gets served in heaven instead of that Philly stuff those teevee angels keep slathering all over their toast. 'Cause manohman, I was feeling mighty angelic after just one tiny slice.

Oh yes, it is that good.

(Extra bonus happy family fun points for Thing 2, who peeled and chopped apples, measured and mixed ingredients, and kept me company by telling me all things Pokemon while this ultra-domestic bakerification was happening. That little dude totally rawks.)


Lastly, I did NOT know that young men of 9 and 11 knew the term "hoodies!," or that receipt of said hoodies would cause a clamor of gratefulness.

Now, I do.

Ain't it nice there's always something new to learn in this world?

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