Monday, August 29, 2011

Shots seen around the block

There was a plan today to put up some vacation pictures, but then I thought 'shoot, most of y'all have seen them already on Facebook and so posting them again would be super-boring for most people who visit here (I think),' and so I didn't post vacation photos, because 1) I do not want to be super-boring, and 2) vacation was over a week ago and I should have posted them already if I was going to because old news of people's vacations reeks a little like Gramma's musty attic, which is interesting and could be life-altering but stinks so much you can't spend too much time there and so miss most of the interesting stuff anyhow.

Newsflash - I am NOT your Gramma's attic, so here are a couple of photos of some things that have happened far more recently than a week ago.


Numbah one. A little thing called Hurricane Irene rolled through on Saturday. You may have heard about this, yes? Everyone running around crazy and stocking up on essentials like toilet paper, flashlights, and lipgloss? Oh, it was madness! Why, it rained for several hours in a row here, and even blew some, and got so crazy at one point I almost thought better of going to the grocery store for chili fixings but persevered anyhow and lo, it Was Not Such A Big Deal Around Here.

One nice thing did come of it, besides the general lack of utter mayhem in this neighborhood:

Good work on the sunset, Irene. I hope you left something of value behind in each place you visited. Like a nice buried treasure for the OBX as a start, and for New England might I suggest you would have been well served to deposit some Depends or something to soak up all that water you left behind?


So, hurricane, this time = no big deal. HOWEVER, we are currently being slammed with a storm that is much more thunder-y than Irene, which is to be expected, as hurricanes don't thunder much. Tonight's storm cell is very noisy, and has done some hail-fellow-well-metting about the burbs, so we are not yet without excitement.

North Carolina in August, just a big amusement park of meteorological whiz-bangery!


Also, it was perhaps mused about the place the other day that someone might really like a thing to hang her earrings on, as that would be ever so much nicer than digging through the bowl of jewelry every day looking for something which which to adorn the auricular area.

(It might also have been that the musing was part of a 'directed conversation,' I'll never tell. Not an argument, mind, more like a 'can you, handyfellow, do this out of random sticks and stuff?' thing))

As a result, that is what I found attached to the bathroom wall today.

Newsflash 2: I LOVE IT!!

The Biff whipped this simple sucker up in no time, during a hurricane, and then spray painted it while my back was turned, then affixed it to a wall while I was turned around again, and I'm grinning like a puppy with a new Kong.

All the earrings, save the post-y ones, are visible. Shoot, now maybe I can clear out the two jewelry boxes of stuff I haven't looked at in 10 years and get THOSE up there too!


So, that's it. A sunset and some baubles. It's just a day of beauty around these parts, ain't it?

Y'all be well. Tiff out.

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