Wednesday, August 03, 2011

my friends are your friends

Spent some time today driving to The Edge of the Great Woods-Adjacent for a little gathering of friends to celebrate Renn's birthday. (that's her! --->)

Renn and I have been friends for a few years now, and have the WVSR to thank. I met kenju the same way, and Biff. The WVSR at one point was a great place to meet people, it would appear. (And maybe marry one of them.) You should go check it out now, if you don't already know of it. Today's entry is particularly good.


Biff, kenju, and I, who made up the Northern Wake County contingent of this gathering, rolled merrily along the highways and byways and dirt tracks and cow paths to a land far far away to get to this party, which was being held at a home of someone none of us had ever met. Pretty ballsy of us to agree to go, ne? Oh, and we had no idea how many people would be there, or who they were going to be. EXTRA ballsy, correctamundo? Just show up at a place you've never been to party with a group of people you've never met?

(Yeah - Chachi, who arranged all this, is maybe not the best of communicators re: scope of work.) No matter - we were out for a good time.

When we pulled up, 10 minutes early, there were 2 cars in the driveway. *Ahem.* TWO. Not screaming party yet, so...

We decided to take a tour of some of the roads we hadn't already been on. It's good to get a lay of the land, in case we needed to make a quick escape.

Not finding anything of interest 5 minutes out, we turned back to see if the crowds had arrived at the fete.

None had.

I was beginning to think Chachi had punk'd us.

Not wanting to appear odd by just parking in some random driveway and WAITING, we again decided to turn back to the open roads (this having been our third trip around the cul de sac, the neighbors were waving at us and probably could have picked us out of a lineup at 20 paces), and immediately passed the Rennmobile coming into the street.

Sweet relief, we were in the right place!

In a few minutes, after Renn had gone in without seeing us (thanks Nooze for the Momma distraction!) we learned that we 3 were the bulk of the gathering, which was a nice surprise and an honor, as Renn has many friends who could have been there to light up her life. We met the hosts, met the other couple who were invited, surprised the snot out of Renn by being there, and began to party.

In this case, 'party' means eat lots of good Italian foods and chat with new and old friends (including a surprise guest call from Tracy Lynn!). Oh, and wave at an adorable baby. These are things I can do, with aplomb. So fun, the aplombing.

Then, when our bellies were full, there was the small matter of a large cake. Dear Lord, what a cake. It's like the cake all cakes want to be, but because they didn't come out of this particular kitchen, they can never be. There were FOUR layers of chocolate cake with buttercream AND whipped cream frosting AND ganache. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but dang. That was one heck of a cake.

Then there were prezzies too, and pictures, and funny cards, and a jolly time.

So, yeah. I like Renn's other friends. They are given my stamp of approval. Pretty sure it was the 'embarrassing moments in yoga class' stories that did it. And those cards. Well done on those, y'all. But shoot, could at least ONE of you have been nice to her? Dang. :)

Such a great way to spend the evening. Meeting new people, celebrating a momentous day with a dear friend and her family, hanging with kenju and the Biff, being part of a memory. Happy birthday Renn. You are top-drawer quality people, and I'm honored to have shared your day with you, your family, and friends.

Now I'm off to finish digesting that monstrous piece of diabolically delicious cake your devilish girlfriend made.

Tiff *burp* out.

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