Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the other hand

The plus side is that I'm driving a lovely new Jeep compass.

The minus side is that I'm driving a lovely new Jeep compass because Tinkerbell decided to die on the highway.

The plus side is Tinkerbell decided to die on the highway right near a car shop.

The minus side is that Tinkerbell decided to die on the highway right near a car shop that couldn't help me because the proprietor works on Hondas and is also going out of business.

But he could point me to someone who could help me.

Who couldn't come with a tow truck for 90 minutes.

But the guy he recommended could get me in 15 minutes.

However, that 15 minutes was spent in a TURN lane, flashers on, hood up, which apparently is not enough of a signal for some people and made for some highly nervous moments.

But was OK after the cop showed up and hung out with me until those 15 minutes passed by.

Minus is that I had to pay for the tow.

Plus is the guy 'only' charged my 50 bucks; a 15 dollar discount.

Minus is that the shop to which Tink was towed couldn't look at her until later this afternoon, necessitating I rent yet another car.

Plus is that the girl at the car rental place (they pick you up!) gave me money off on the lovely new Jeep Compass rental to make up the difference between its normal going rate and that rate of their cheaper rides.

So, the bad bottom line is that Tinkerbell nearly scared the giblets out of me by dying on a highway. The good bottom line is she's in good hands, there was no accident, there were discounts on services to be had, it quit raining during my 'outdoors' time, the issue didn't happen during rush hour or while I was on the way to pick up the boys, and on and on.

Take THAT cloud. I'm my own git-dammed silver lining. Now start raining shekels, because I'm going to frigging need them when the REAL bottom line nears...

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