Friday, May 08, 2009

An auspicious day indeed

40 years ago today, a certain small blob of human protoplasm was ejected from its mother's womb into the big brash world. Since that time, the keen bright blue eyes of that human have been open to all the sights, drinking in the world and its vast scope of experiences, cataloguing them and searching for more, ever more.

In other words - 40 years ago today, Biff Spiffy was born. Now y'all KNOW I love me some Biff, but here's an idea - whyn't you click on that link and leave a comment on his blog regarding this most celebratory of days (unless, of course, you're a 7th Day Adventist, in which case just go say hi or something else utterly non-celebratory yet still friendly in a non-creepy kind of way).

We'll could maybe get the whole internet crowding around in his comments section, bumping up against one another in a sexy melange of bloggerdom. Ooooh, FEEL the love.

I'll be back later with a few choice thoughts on the birthday boy. Now go, click, comment, and spread the birthday cheer like you're an infected lil' Mexican Piggie!

Much obliged.

(HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIFF, says the FreeCell King!)

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