Thursday, April 08, 2010

Totally not dead

Holy smurf-scented heck it's been a long time since anything's been posted here. Apparently it's been long enough that some folks are a mite concerned about Ye Olde Tiffe, so of course I need to put all rumors of sudden wealth, precipitous health declines, abrupt changes in overall fortune, or unforseen alien abductions to rest.

The abduction part was a near miss, the other stuff is mere flight of fancy.

We are well, having played Frisbee on a picturesque lawn this evening as part of an overall 'let's get outside' effort and having maintained life functions on a reasonably even keel while traveling this past week to the Left Coast and back.

So much to talk about, but instead I'll leave with one picture that may serve as a jumping-off point for tales of birthdays, family, friends, hippies, cows, bags of plant seeds, a noisy heater, and a horse that would dearly love to moo.

Grandma Millie's backyard - April 2010

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