Monday, April 26, 2010

Why a limerick? Because, that's why.

The weekend just past was astounding
Forest paths and fairgrounds we were pounding
We hiked and we dressed up
No meals did we mess up
Pretty good all the rounding.


Who wants to know why I like Spring?
Because Spring has a green blooming zing
All the leaves on the tress
And the birds and the bees
Make mere mortals feel like queens and kings!


You know it's a slow day when bloggers
Write limericks about pirates and cloggers
Both she did see
At the renn faire NC
And also some cute lil' doggers!


OK, I'll stop now. It was a pretty dang good weekend. We all have wee sunburns from being outdoors for 5+ hours at the Renn Faire yesterday, but only on the bits that our regalia didn't cover and we forgot to 'screen. Ye Olde SPF 50 is our friend, my mateys. The Things volunteered as well, so it was a family geekfest, which pleases me to no end. They could take a lesson from the Biffster in salesmanship though, as it clear that Biff is a natural busker, getting near hordes of people to boffer sword fight or slay stuffed dragons. It was a pleasure watching him work the crowd. Nobody, it seems, can resist the Dread Pirate Biffberts!

I highly recommend you attend a Renn Faire near you. They're good fun, especially if you just let go of a whole mess o' inhibitions and just let Ye Olde Goode Times Roll. Just be prepared to be very very tired after a few hours of ambling through vendor row, Games Alley (a Tiny House specialty!), the jousting rounds, the MEAD TENT, and other amusements provided for your entertainment.

Your local band o' nerds will appreciate your custom, of that you can be sure.

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