Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pretty much, it's just like that.

A while back, No Celery Please posted that 'facebook ate (her) blog.' I fear that same is true for NAY. Blogs, on contrast to the ever-affable Facebook, simply do NOT have what it takes to distract me for 5 minutes (Pathwords) or 7 rounds (Chain Rxn). Blogs don't have what it takes to get the latest news from my 'friends' and friends, from old classmates who I probably wouldn't recognize in a million years if they came up and smacked me in the face with a dead cat, to those people I hold most near and dear. Blogs do not have killer apps that will tell you what your birthyear means or how well you'll get along with other representatives of the Chinese zodiac or what sexual position you are based an the answers you give to a few easy (and oft-misspelled) questions.

One can see why Facebook is the new blog. It's shiny and new and fun in bite-sized pieces of whatever reality people choose to have you believe! With pictures! Facebook is going to take over the WORLD!!!

Well, I don't really care for that sort of thing, truth be known. Over the past few months I've spent my fair share of time on FB, and do enjoy checking in there from time to time, but am coming to realize that that site is a killer of time and productivity, isn't it? A promise to onesself to only do a 'quick check' of statii (plural of 'statuses,' you know) turns into an hour-long slog through photo albums and profiles and new quizzes and updates....and pretty soon the stuff you were going to do in that hour becomes stuff you still need to do, and really that hour spent goofing off didn't really get you any closer to real goals, did it?

Real goals, like blogging, which is wholesome, improves posture, and freshens breath. I value those things, don't you?

Don't let Facebook eat YOUR blog. Just say 'no,' and go post something on your REAL site. I'll be over to read just as soon as I crack 20,000,000 on Chain Rxn, I promise.


Public service announcement: It's time for another site traffic check. Pardon me while I test the system to ascertain if a random string of buzzwords will increase visitors to NAY. We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program in 2 minutes.

Britney Spears
John Legend
Butt sex
Naughty nuns spanking
schoolgirl enemas
Jonas Brothers eating pie
Transformers Megan Fox
Boobies bounce
Mac and cheese recipe
4:20 laws
Obama muslim

There. That should do it. Oh wait....must insert Kenju's traffic getter for good measure

Kissing balls

OK. We're done here.


Actually, we're not QUITE done yet...we still have this one thing to do: celebrate Thing 2's birthday! Yes! BIRTHDAY! He is a dozen years old today.

This is him with a cheek full of hot dog last Hallowe'en (photo by Kenju!). Even with his face stuffed his mama thinks he's a handsome boy. *sigh* This is the last year I won't have to look UP at him to look him in the eye. My, they do grow up fast.

Happy birthday, my baby. Thanks for being a part of our family. You're one to be proud of, you trombone-playin', tae kwon do-doin', straight-A gettin', witty, intense, insightful, lovin' lil' (OK, BIG) jokester.

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