Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In honor of Edward Lear

It's national limerick day, beeyotches! Let's celebrate in style!

One day I was smoking a bong
with a dude who was 12 inches long
full of chatter and play
we cruised through the day
me and that dude Mr Schlong.

See? Easy-peasy! Now you try! First, second and fifth lines rhyme, third and fourth rhyme. First second and fifth have 8 or 9 syllables, third n' fourth have 4 or 5. Like so:

There once was an man from Nantuck---

Ah, you've probably heard that one. How about this one then (which I also just made up on the spot like the limiericky genius I am):

While walking in ye olde Bombay
I heard a frail old woman say
she'd once had the chance
to wear Churchill's pants
while he wore her saree so gay!

Woo-hoo! A whiff of salaciousness is never a bad idea where limericks are concerned. Being bawdy without being outright offensive is the trick, my dears. Oh! Wait! Here's another one coming on!

Step away from the side of the track
Lest a car smash you in front or back
You'd wind up a pile
or dragged for a mile
'Neath a train with a filthy smokestack.

Cautionary tales also work, it would appear.

The limerick is a nimble art form, is it not? Suitable for amusement and purposes of teaching. Hysterical AND inspiring. One thing it is not though, is eponymous.

Now, you know. Have a wonderful day.

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