Saturday, May 30, 2009

Follow me!

Hey, follow me on your blogly service, y'all. Please? It's my birthday tomorrow! Follow me and that's enough of a birthday prezzie. Just add me to your (probably very long) list o' blogs - a couple of clicks, darling, and that's all there is to it!

Come ON. I'm old. Old people still like presents for their birthdays, and this one's free!

Nothing to spend except a little time.

And tell your friends to follow me too. All's I really want is as many followers as I am old (which, tomorrow will be....47). Won't you help an old lady realize a dream, before it's too late?


Dear Tim,

You blog hates me and won't let me comment on it. Fix that, won't you dear?

For the sake of troubleshooting, I can't use my Google ID as a profile even when already logged IN to iGoogle, and I can't comment as 'anonymous' either. It pains me to craft pearls of complete perfection to drop into your comment box, and be turned away by some invisible hand.



Dear Facebook,

You know, I already HAVE 'Pathwords' bookmarked. I REALLY DO! Quit frigging suggesting I bookmark it then, for cripe's sake!

You know where to reach me if you have questions.



Dear poison ivy,

Piss off.



Dear fancy-ass new running shoes,

I sure hope you make it so I like jogging. You cost enough to make me HAVE to run to justify the expense, that much is for sure. One thing though - if my knee still feels like it's full of blood pudding AFTER you and I start a relationship, you're so totally boned. It's on the BONFIRE with you!

Thought you should know.



Dear cheesecake in the oven,

ToOmorrow you are mine. Mwuahahahaa!!!



And now you're all caught up. Have a good 'un, and remember - FOLLOW ME!


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